The University of Newcastle, Australia

Meet your Student Advisors

Student Advisors provide advice and support throughout your studies. They are there to:

  • help you create an individual plan for success at UON
  • refer you to other relevant support services
  • check-in with you from time-to-time so that you stay on track
  • talk about options if you want to take a break from your studies
  • provide specialist advice to international students about rights, responsibilities and visa requirements

Student Advisors are all members of the ALLY Network. An ALLY is a staff member on campus who is trained to be aware of for the issues faced by members of the LGBTIQ community and to advocate on their behalf. Visit the ALLY page for more information on the ALLY network.

The best way to contact your Student Advisor is via email: They are also accessible via Student Central on campus and if necessary, an appointment can be made for more detailed advice.


Trish, Student Advisor

I gain great job satisfaction and pleasure from assisting individuals of all ages and backgrounds to realise their dream of firstly being accepted to University and then supporting them through their degree and seeing their excitement when they pass a course and then continue on to graduation.

I have recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration in which I experienced firsthand what it is like to be a student at UON by distance, plus work part time and be a busy Mum. During my study I made full use of all the wonderful learning resources offered to assist me in my journey and can draw on this experience when working with students to create an individualised plan to success.

I genuinely enjoy talking to students either face to face or by phone and truly believe that 'no question is a stupid question'. So please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Student Advisors if you need support whilst navigating your path through study, we are here to help.


I have worked for over 15 years at the University of Newcastle, primarily assisting international students in UON Global. Over the last two years I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work in Student Central in Admissions and as a Student Advisor.

I grew up in Newcastle and love living here with my family. I studied at UON, and completed an Honours degree in psychology. I am passionate about university education and the opportunities that it provides to students.

As a Student Advisor I am privileged to meet students from all walks of life, and enjoy working together to solve issues and create tailored plans for success on their student journey.


I have varied experience across both corporate and public sectors and have always had a specific interest in working for an organisation with a focus on social good. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to start working for UON and have since held multiple roles that have encompassed providing support to all types of students, at all stages of the student lifecycle.

Working at UON has allowed me to indulge in the type of work that I love. If I go home at night knowing that I may be helping someone, even in a small way succeed, be healthy or stay happy – that’s my definition of ‘doing what you love’.


I have been fortunate to grow up on the Central Coast and complete my undergraduate studies at the University of Newcastle Ourimbah Campus. I am passionate about the opportunities and experiences the University of Newcastle has to offer and I understand from firsthand experience the transformative effects that education provides in life.

During my time as a student I actively became involved in numerous aspects of University which furthered my knowledge and understanding of the extensive range of services and experiences available to students at the University of Newcastle. I have experience across a number of student focused positions at the University of Newcastle including Peer Assisted Study Session Leader (PASS), Student Ambassador, Student Mentor and Student Hubs and Enquires Officer, all of which have fuelled my enthusiasm for providing an exceptional student experience.

I enjoy helping people and making a positive impact in the lives of others. I feel an immense sense of inspiration in seeing students overcome adversity, triumph over hurdles and grow to realise their full potential and achieve their goals. My focus as a Student Advisor is ensuring students are engaged, supported and equipped to excel in their endeavours along with helping students overcome any challenges and navigate their journey towards academic, social, personal and professional success.


I have been working within the University Sector for over 13 years (within Australia and Overseas) in different departments.  I commenced working at the University of Newcastle within Student Central at the Sydney campus in 2017 and help students with both program and student related matters.  On a personal note, I love photography and travel and very happy to exchange travel stories.

I really enjoy speaking to students, getting to know them better and offering dedicated specialised advice across the student lifecycle to help students be successful in their studies.  Often along the way many challenges arise that can be overwhelming, but as a Student Advisor, I’m here to provide resolutions that can help a student feel more supported.


I began my working career originally in the creative industry, where I worked as a professional photographer, printer, photo editor and teacher. My passion for education and community pushed me to look beyond the creative world and in 2011 I began working at The University of Newcastle where all my passions united.

I love this complex, transformative, innovative learning environment, where every students need is as individual as the next and with each student's success, I feel their triumph. I am an undergraduate alumni and current postgraduate student at The University of Newcastle and believe my experiences as both a Student and a Staff member allow me to have effective strategies to help students succeed in their studies.

As a Student Advisor, I understand that strong relationships between students and staff improve a student’s experience, success and satisfaction. I am able to facilitate informed answers for complex circumstances, I believe in equality for all and I am an Ally trained staff member. I will always offer non biased, friendly and supportive advice and guidance to students about their studies, so please feel free to email, call or drop by Student Central today.