The University of Newcastle, Australia

Courses offered

2020 Winter Term (WT)

* course availability subject to change at any time without notice
Course codeNameCampus
AART1700Digital PhotographyCallaghan
BIOL1001Molecules, Cells and OrganismsOnline
CAPA1030Dynamic Communication and Presentation SkillsNewcastle City
CHEM1010Introductory Chemistry IOnline
CIND3500Professional PlacementNewcastle City
CIND3510Professional ProjectNewcastle City
DESN2002Design Thinking: Creative Tools for Innovation with EmpathyNewcastle City
EDUC1751Knowledge and Communication Technologies
EDUC3065Diversity and Inclusion in Early ChildhoodOnline
EDUC4064Assessing and Addressing Learning Difficulties
EDUC4203Extended Studies in Health Physical EducationOnline
INFT2031Systems and Network AdministrationOnline
LAWS6000Legal System and Method INewcastle City
LAWS6112Food and Wine LawNewcastle City
LAWS6114Negotiation in a Legal ContextSydney
MUSI2001Introduction to GuitarNewcastle City
MUSI2002Introduction to KeyboardNewcastle City
MUSI2161Music Direction TechniquesNewcastle City
SOCA2102Sociology of ChildbirthOnline
SOCA3666Consumption and Everyday LifeOnline
SOCA3902Religion and Politics in Contemporary SocietyOnline