All students must complete the pre-departure tutorial.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of undertaking an overseas experience as well as examine the health risks and travel warnings to your selected country.

If your country is rated High Medical Risk, you will be required to complete the following form.

If your country is rated High Travel Risk, you will be required to complete the following form


Credit refers to the units of study that make up your University of Newcastle degree program. In order to participate in an academic program overseas, you must arrange a credit transfer for the courses you are going to study, to ensure they count back towards your University of Newcastle Program.

  • Academic Short Course:  You can apply for a maximum of 20 units of credit depending on the length of the course.
  • Semester Exchange Program: You need to ensure you have enough credit approved for fullā€time study (30 - 40 units) contributing towards your University of Newcastle degree program.  Please use the Credit Equivalence Table to determine how your host institution units align to University of Newcastle Units. E.g. 3 US credit equals 10 University of Newcastle units.

Applying for Credit

Complete the Overseas Study Credit Worksheet. Once completed, please return via email to

If you need any assistance with your credit worksheet, details for your program advisor can be found here:
Undergraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list
Postgraduate Program Advisor/Convenor list


Purchase or check that the current passport has more than 6 months until expiration from the date of your return. Further information can be found at the Australian Passport Office Website.

Information about visas and travel warnings can be found onvisa the Smart Traveller Website.

You can also contact your Overseas Advisor regarding Visa information.

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Smartraveller is the Australian Government's travel advisory and consular assistance service. Before travelling overseas all University of Newcastle students are to register with Smartraveller and consider the advice provided on the Government website.

Register travel plans

Subscribe to travel advice updates

Top tips for young travellers

Travel Insurance

Students who travel overseas on official University activities are covered by the University of Newcastle corporate travel policy. Approved activities can include student exchange, professional placement or other course-related activities.

Please note this cover is limited. You should find out what it doesn't cover before you go and, if needed, organise additional personal travel insurance. The Smartraveller website provides excellent information on why you should have insurance and a Guide to buying travel insurance.

If you travel domestically or internationally as part of your studies, insurance support is available for authorised and approved trips. Approval for these activities is included in the funding application process or through your Faculty/School. Approved activities include placement, course related travel, and other overseas opportunities. UON’s travel policy does not cover personal travel.


Coverage is dependent on the type of travel, country where travel is occurring and documentation provided. Exclusions to the policy may apply. Basic cover includes:

  • Emergency medical expenses and evacuation
  • Travel cancellation/curtailment and additional expenses
  • Personal liability
  • Luggage, personal effects, and travel documents

See the summary of travel insurance for more details and limitations.

You can find a copy of the Certificate of Currency for Travel Insurance here.

Note, travel to Cuba and Iran are not covered.


If you experience a medical, security or logistical problem while travelling, you can get assistance from International SOS 24/7. The University membership number is 12ACPA000086.

CALL ISOS +61 2 9372 2468

You can call this Sydney number reverse charge from overseas or you can contact any ISOS office overseas. For more information, please see International SOS.

Details of how to register your travel on MyTrips can be found here.


Gather and keep all documents relating to your loss or injury (this may include police reports, medical reports, lost baggage correspondence etc.)

Complete the Corporate Travel Claim Form and send to with all your supporting documentation. Claims not lodged within six months may not be approved by the Insurer.

Details of which documents are required to support your claim can be found here.



The University of Newcastle has a 24/7 resource on call, online and even on the ground to help with any medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. If you need a medical referral, lose your medication, seek pre-travel advice or experience a medical or security crisis, University of Newcastle has a fully integrated program in place so you receive the care and expertise that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

All students travelling overseas on an official University activity must register with the International SOS Travel Locator System and download the Assistance App. See steps below:

1) Register your trip in the Personal Travel Locator

Step 1: Go to the University of Newcastle Global Assistance Program website

Step 2: Click on the 'My Trips' Personal Travel Locator - found on the right hand menu

Step 3: Once in My Trips - Click 'New User? Register Here'

Step 4: Fill out the Information and hit Submit

Step 5: Click "Create New Trip" and fill out basic top information. Then click on the accommodation tab and just type in the city and country if accommodation unknown. Then hit save.

Step 6: Within 1 month of departure, you can then go back and complete the other tabs or If you do not want to manually enter the details, you can forward your itinerary confirmation email to mailbox, please ensure you have set up your MyTrips account with the email address where you normally receive (and will use to forward) trip confirmation emails.

2) Download the Assistance App to your phone

- The University membership number is 12ACPA000086

Short 1 minute video to explain International SOS:

Your Travel Guide - playing it safe
Personal Security Guide
Pre Departure Checklist


OS-HELP is a loan that assists eligible students, who are based in Australia, to undertake an overseas experience. Students may receive one loan per 6 month study period for one or two overseas study periods.

Any student applying for an OS-HELP loan must have completed 80 units of study prior to receiving the loan and have 10 units remaining to complete upon return to Australia.

Semester Exchange - You must be receiving a minimum of 30 units of credit for your semester exchange.

Academic short course - You must be receiving atleast 10 or 20 units of credit for your academic short course depending on the length of the course.

Study tour / Placement / Internship - The overseas experience must count directly towards the completion of a specific course.

For full eligibility criteria, please click here

For 2020, the maximum you can borrow for a six-month study period is:

  • $6,913 (if you will not be studying in Asia); or
  • $8,295 if you will be studying in Asia; and
  • students undertaking study in Asia may be eligible for a supplementary loan amount of up to $1,104 to assist with the cost of language study, undertaken in preparation for your overseas study in Asia.

Applying for OS-HELP

To apply for OS-HELP, please complete the OS-HELP Loan Application Form AND OS-HELP Debt Confirmation Form

You can submit your application by emailing it from your student email account to along with the required supporting documents:

  • Semester Exchange - Signed and approved CATS approval letter showing a minimum of 30 units of credit
  • Academic Short Course – Signed and approved CATS Approval letter and acceptance letter from the overseas institution outlining dates of the program
  • Study tour / Placement / Internship – Confirmation letter signed by convenor / course coordinator

OS-HELP is administered by the Student Processes Office. If you have an enquiry, please contact

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Participating in an activity abroad is an enriching experience and we urge all interested students to take advantage of the opportunities provided below.

Australian Government Exchange Scholarships

Australian Government Exchange Scholarships

Australian Government Mobility Scholarships for Australian students to go on a semester exchange in 2020/21.

Global Traveller Grant for Semester Exchange

Global Traveller Grant for Semester Exchange

Travel grants provided by the Global Office to assist University of Newcastle students to undertake a Semester Exchange.

Global Traveller Grant for Short Term Experiences

Global Traveller Grant for Short Term Experiences

Travel grants provided by the Global Office to assist University of Newcastle students to undertake a Short Term experience including Academic Short Courses, Placements / internships and volunteering.

New Colombo Plan Scholarships

New Colombo Plan Scholarships

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship Program is the most lucrative and prestigious undergraduate scholarship in the country. As a signature initiative of the Australian Government, it supports Australia's best undergraduate students to undertake a semester long international study experience and an internship/mentorship in the Indo-Pacific region.

DAAD Funding and Scholarships

DAAD Funding and Scholarships

DAAD is Germany's largest scholarship-awarding organisation and runs programs to support study or research in Germany.


Special Exchange Codes must be used by students undertaking a:

  • Semester Exchange at a partner Institution
  • Academic Short Course (agreement)

Students participating must:

a) enrol full time at the host institution

b) enrol in MyHub based on your credit negotiation using the Special Exchange Codes below.

  • **CODE1999 = 40 units of credit
  • CODE1998 = 30 units of credit
  • CODE1997 = 20 units of credit
  • CODE1996 = 10 units of credit

**replace CODE with your major. eg CMNS1999, MKTG1998, PSYC1996

Example: If an education student has received 40 units of credit, regardless of whether or not they have received credit for a core subject, elective or unspecified credit (CRGR), they would enrol in EDUC1999. If a student was studying English as a major at Newcastle, the course code would be ENGL; a History major would be HIST etc.

If a student has not enrolled in the Special Exchange Codes by the Census date, the student must complete an Application for late Enrolment.

You must be enrolled in the Special Exchange Codes to be covered by the University's travel insurance and to continue to receive Centrelink benefits.

Students going on an overseas experience that currently receive Centrelink payments, may be eligible for payments while overseas. Before going overseas, students are responsible for checking the centrelink requirements.

You will be required to provide centrelink with proof of your overseas experience.

Semester Exchange / Academic Short Course
Please fill out the official  Confirmation Letter - exchange and short courses and either bring it to the Global Office along with your signed credit agreement or email it to The letter must be typed. See example.

The UON Global Office will confirm your information and stamp your letter for you to provide to centrelink.

For students undertaking a semester exchange, students must be enrolled full time in the special exchange codes.

Placements / Internships / Academic Study Tours
Please fill out the official Confirmation letter - placements and study tours and provide it to your Course Coordinator / Convenor. Alternatively, you can bring it into the UON Global Office or email it to with evidence that your experience is counting towards your degree. The letter must be typed. See example.

More information on centrelink payments while outside Australia, and registering online prior to leaving, can be found here.

Tip: Provide Centrelink with a nominated person in Australia who can talk to Centrelink while you are overseas.

The Global Society is a nationwide network made up of over 8,000 students who are in the various stages of their overseas study programs. The Global Society provide resources, cost saving benefits and facilitate peer-to-peer connections for students who plan to travel overseas, be it on a semester exchange or short-term experience.

Popular benefits of a Global Society membership include:

  • access to destination-specific Facebook groups
  • a forum to ask questions
  • information about pre-travel and what to do whilst you are away
  • custom-designed resources about studying overseas specifically created for Australian university students

To join The Global Society visit and click the "join now" button. This is a free service for all University of Newcastle students undertaking an overseas experience.