Students Helping Students

UON Peer Mentor

UON Peer Mentors are UON students in their second year (or beyond), who help new UON students by providing support, advice and referrals. Mentors keep contact via email each fortnight, from Orientation until week six of semester, and are provided with vouchers to meet with ‘their’ new student on campus for a coffee (or tea!) and a chat.

Peer Mentoring is a great way to help your fellow students, and to give back to the UON community…it also looks great on your resume.

This will be suited to people who want to give back to your fellow students and have a passion of helping others.  You could even make new friends too!

You may also like Community Volunteering and Orientation & Graduation.

Speed Conversation Class

Speed Conversations is a fun and interactive program which facilitates friendship and cultural exchange whilst giving our international students an opportunity to practice their conversational English. The program involves international and local students, engaging in 10-15 minute conversations with a partner, changing partners over the hour.

This will be suited to people who want to meet people and have an interest with interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.

You may also like UON Peer Mentoring or Watt Space.