Community and Off-Campus

Community Volunteering

Student Central works with the Hunter Volunteer Centre to provide a range of volunteering opportunities off campus and in the Newcastle community.

Opportunities exist in the areas of bush regeneration and conservation projects, Botanic Garden Guides and gardening assistants, and with the Hunter Wetlands as an assistant in their School Holiday Program, or fundraising.  Opportunities for animal care are sometimes available, as are charitable fundraising activities and positions as City Ambassadors and Business Ambassadors.

Additionally there are frequently places available in the Community Visitors Scheme – a federally funded initiative introduced to enhance the quality of life of residents in aged care facilities who have limited family or social contact.  Similarly there are opportunities in the Telecross Program, which makes a difference in the lives of older people in our community - over 1,000 Telecross clients in NSW receive a call every day from 7am - 10am...weekend volunteers welcome!

This will be suited to people who want to make a difference in our wider community, and who enjoy community engagement with a diverse range of initiatives.

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Volunteer as an advocate with the Family Action Centre's SNUG program – a retreat program for rural families caring for a child with a rare heath condition. You'll help families with daily activities, accompany them to medical visits and advocate for their needs throughout the program.

Volunteers are essential to the operation of the SNUG program. Volunteers support the staff and families in many of the daily and recreational activities, and are vital in enhancing the supportive, strengths-based and fun atmosphere of the retreats. There are many opportunities for volunteers to share their skills with the families while also sharing some laughter and fun.

This is a unique opportunity for volunteers to gain knowledge and skills in working with children with special needs and their families. Volunteers are able to interact with the families in a relaxed environment, allowing a rare insight into their strengths, daily challenges and joys. Volunteers are provided with comprehensive training and ongoing support within a multi-disciplinary team. Past and current volunteers have spoken highly and passionately about their time with the SNUG program. In turn, SNUG staff, families and visiting professionals have frequently commented at the enthusiasm, energy and compassion our volunteers consistently display.

This will be suited to people who are caring and have the ability to relate to others, and who have a genuine interest in enhancing the enjoyment of family life.  It is also suited to people studying the disciplines around Education and/or Health.

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