We hold insurance policies to cover you while you undertake approved activities required by your course or authorised by your Faculty/School. The process for approving activities is varied and is dependent on the nature of the activity being undertaken.

Travel/Exchange Activities

Approval for these activities is included in the funding application process or through your Faculty/School. Approved activities include ilead, course related travel (International) and domestic experiences, and other overseas study opportunities.

Placement/Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL)

You are covered by the University's insurance policies if you are undertaking a professional placement that is a requirement of your course. The Placement/WIL must form part of the curriculum and be assessed by a course coordinator.

You are not required to obtain any specific approval/authorisation for these activities, however without evidence of the approval/authorisation CS&C-Insurance is unable to provide confirmation of insurance cover for such activities.

Work Experience/Internships

You can also apply to be covered for unpaid work experience that is above and beyond course requirements.

To obtain approval for unpaid work experience, complete and return the Work Experience Cover Request Form to confirm coverage prior to commencing the activities.

Our insurance policies do not cover you for paid work experience. Check with your employer about their coverage.

Our cover

This information provides a brief overview but is not an insurance contract. Contact Insurance for more information about our insurance cover and how to make a claim.

This policy covers enrolled students while you are engaged in course-related activities. Necessary direct travel to and from these activities is also included within Australia.

Make a claim

What it covers

It is accident cover only and does not cover illness. The policy includes a $50 excess for each claim.

The policy is limited and you should obtain your own insurance if you require more comprehensive coverage.

Our student personal accident policy covers:

  • death and capital benefit
  • weekly injury benefit
  • home tutorial benefit
  • injury assistance benefit
  • modification benefit
  • medical expenses related to injury up to $100,000 (only those not claimable on Medicare).
    This means any medical service given that has a Medicare item number cannot be claimed – even if there is a gap from the Medicare rebate.  This is part of the Health Act and cannot be avoided, please obtain your own insurance if you do not feel this will be adequate for your needs.

This policy takes effect after claims are made on your private medical insurance.

Read a summary of the student personal accident and injury policy (PDF, 88KB).

Make a claim

Complete the personal accident claim form (PDF, 94KB).

Send your completed form to CS&C Insurance for lodgement.

Our cover includes insurance against legal liability for breaches of professional duty by students engaged in approved university activities by reason of any negligent act, error or omission in conduct of those university activities. The insurance is contingent on students acting within the scope of the approved activity.

The policy includes a worldwide cover , however for activity in other countries you may have to arrange additional coverage to satisfy the insurance requirements of that country.  Please consult with CS&C-Insurance prior to entering into any agreements in other countries.

Our public liability insurance includes cover to protect against claims which may be brought by third parties for injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property in those instances in which the University may be proven legally liable.

Our cover also extends to sponsoring employers who accept students on practical placement required by their course.

Students who travel overseas on official University activities are covered by our corporate travel policy for the official University component of their trip.

Excluded Destinations

Our insurance program does not provide cover for any travel to Cuba or Iran.  If you are undertaking travel to either of these locations, it is our recommendation that you arrange private travel insurance with an insurer who is able to cover these destinations.

Please note this cover is limited. You should find out what it doesn't cover before you go and, if needed, organise additional personal travel insurance.

You are not covered by workers' compensation insurance as students are not considered employees of the University.