Prospective Scholars

An Industry Scholarship is the best way for you to immerse yourself in the real world and apply what you're learning and experiencing while at the University of Newcastle.

The program provides you with an opportunity to engage with industry and gain valuable industry experience.  As well as reinforcing your knowledge through practical application, you are also exposed to the culture and ethics of the industry environment with the added advantage of obtaining financial support while you study.  

Industry Scholarships are potentially available across all five faculties in all disciplines.  

The benefits to participating in an Industry Scholarship are:

▪       You gain valuable industry experience.

▪       You develop and improve your skills.

▪       You make important industry contacts and build your professional network.

▪       You can travel and experience new settings and new places.

▪       You generate significant tax-free income while studying at University.

Ultimately, you prepare yourself to be the strongest possible candidate for employment upon completion of your degree.