Stuff actually happens...So have your say

We all know that we are continuously bombarded with different emails asking us for our feedback on a variety of different issues. But one survey that really makes a difference to Uni life is Student Feedback on Teachers and Courses (SFC). As you venture through the years of your degree, you start to realise that after submitting your feedback, stuff actually happens.

I never used to bother responding to student feedback surveys, I just didn't think they made a difference.  Then I started casual work at Uni with Planning Quality and Reporting, the Unit that manages these surveys. The team reads every single response and stuff actually happens.  In my three years at UoN, I have seen sign upgrades, increased security, better teaching, and improved services. Something that takes five minutes of our time actually results in things that really improve our experience.

- Jock Spence, Student, Bachelor Commerce and Law.

Giving your feedback is anonymous so there is no need to worry that anyone will know if you didn't like a particular subject. After all the information is gathered, the Uni publishes the scope of results to allow students to see what other students have said about the course. It also allows teaching staff and faculty to see whether their methods are working and being well received by the students.

Do you want to know what others have said about the course you have chosen? You can access the results here.

Don't forget to have your say in the feedback as it truly makes a difference.