SFUN Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2018 survey.

We appreciate the support and honest feedback from each of the 7,020 people who completed the survey, giving the 2018 SFUN Survey the highest response rate (24%) since it began in 2010. This is a great achievement by the student body and sends a clear message that your experience matters.

In 2018, the survey was sent to 29,232 students enrolled as at 24 April 2018, and ran from 30 April to 20 May. Each survey comprised of 52 core questions, with the remainder being split into various themes, for a total of 98 to 102 questions per survey.

The survey is now closed, but if you still have something you’d like to tell us, you can contact ASKUON and leave your thoughts via the feedback form.

What is the SFUN?

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