We are listening

We are committed to making sure your voice is heard by giving your feedback to the right people, sharing results and making improvements for all students.

Here are some of the changes we've made for you so far.

YOU SAID you wanted better quality teaching.

WE DID UON now ranks in the top 10 Australian universities for teaching quality.

YOU SAID please improve the quality, variety and cost of food.

WE DID there is now cheaper, healthier and more varied types of food in all our campuses (but we know we have to do even better).

YOU SAID there aren't enough car parks!

WE DID UON now has one of the highest ratios of car parks per student in any Australian university.

YOU SAID that you want your program to link more to the real world and the workforce.

WE DID UON is investing considerable resources to ensure what you learn links to real world and employment.

YOU SAID you wanted cloud data storage.

WE DID offer every student lifelong access to OneDrive, with 1TB storage.

YOU SAID you wanted greater Wi-Fi availability.

WE DID increase Wi-Fi access points on campus by 70%.

YOU SAID you wanted more mailbox storage.

WE DID upgrade storage from 250MB to 50GB.

YOU SAID you wanted water drinking stations on campus.

WE DID install 6 water drinking stations across our Callaghan campus and 2 at Ourimbah.

YOU SAID you wanted more ECCO recordings from lectures.

WE DID change lecture filming from opt in to opt out.

 Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to fill out student surveys.