How  much does it cost to attend a PASS session?

Nothing. All sessions are free!

When do sessions commence?

Sessions commence in week 2 of Semester, unless otherwise specified on the PASS timetables page.

Do I have to register to attend a PASS session?

No, just turn up to as many as you would like!

Why should I attend PASS?

PASS is based on an internationally recognised program and is used by universities all across Australia. It has been demonstrated that PASS consistently and significantly improves the university grades of students who attend regularly. It has also been shown that one hour of face-to-face PASS is equivalent of up to three hours of solo study – so if you’re busy, like most students, this is an awesome way to streamline your habits and make sure you’re making the most efficient and successful use of your time. Plus it’s a really good way to make friends with other students in your course.

What do I need to bring to PASS?

Lecture notes, textbooks, course readers, your notes.

What will I do at a PASS session?

At a PASS session you will have a trained PASS leader who has received great grades in your course (subject) before. With the leader and other students in your course you will sit together and compare notes, discuss difficult concepts and review weekly material. You will also develop strategies for general study habits that can help you in all your courses. The sessions are informal and are a way to make sure you have understood the material that week. Your PASS leader is able to offer an experienced point of view, but also knows what it’s like to be a student trying to get your head around a course.

What courses are on offer this Semester?

PASS is currently held for more than 50 courses across our different courses. Click here to find out if PASS is offered for your course.

Isn’t PASS just for students who are struggling?

No way! Whether you’re a student who is trying to lift your grades up from a fail to a pass or more, or you’re a student who wants to push themselves up into that HD bracket – as well as everyone in between – PASS is exactly what you need. It helps you be the best student you can be!

What is Online PASS?

Online PASS is a Blackboard site run by PASS Leaders for students. On the site you can find a variety of useful resources for study, including:

  • Hints and tips from PASS Leaders who have completed and excelled in your courses
  • Links to websites, videos and readings to further your understanding of course content
  • Weekly questions and activities for reinforcing important concepts
  • Discussion boards and blogs for connecting with other students

How do I access Online PASS?

To access Online PASS just log in to UONline (Blackboard) and select 'Online PASS' from the 'My Other Sites' list. Sign up to your courses and they will appear in "MY COURSES", on the left-hand side of the web page.

Then click on "MY COURSES" and you will see the links to course pages for the courses you signed up to. Each page has some course specific tips, the session times, a blog that updated weekly by the PASS Leader with activities and timely suggestions, and a Discussion Board this is just for students in your course. The Discussion Board will be monitored by the PASS Leader so you can ask them or your fellow students questions. Please note: the Discussion Board is not monitored by any academic staff.

What are Online PASS Interactive Sessions?

Online PASS sessions are the same as on-campus PASS sessions, just online! With online PASS sessions, PASS for some courses is now accessible to students who study off-campus and students who find it difficult to fit on-campus sessions into their schedule.  The online PASS sessions are conducted by the same PASS Leaders who run face-to-face sessions, who have been trained to manage an online classroom.

Interactive sessions will be available for the following courses in Semester 1, 2018:

  • FREN1100/1200

Online PASS sessions are conducted in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, a real-time conferencing tool that provides a dynamic learning environment where students can work together to better their understanding of course content. You don’t need advanced computer skills to be part of an online PASS session – the interface and features are very straightforward!

How do i access Online PASS Interactive Sessions?

In order to join an Online PASS Interactive Session, you must sign up to your course in Online PASS. Log in to UONline (Blackboard) and select 'Online PASS' from the 'My Other Sites' list. Sign up to your courses and they will appear in "MY COURSES", on the left-hand side of the web page. Then click on "MY COURSES" and you will see the links to course pages for the courses you signed up to. If your course has online PASS Sessions, you will see the button to join the session on your course home page at your scheduled session time.

After clicking the button, there is no need for a password or authorisation, but please provide a screen name for the session and then you will be taken straight to the online classroom. For best performance, use the Google Chrome web browser.