Group work can be required in a number of courses, and we have simple guidelines to help you complete this kind of work.

Group work

Group work can be required in a number of courses, and there are simple guidelines that will help you complete work this way.

All members of the group will have different goals for the standard of work they want to achieve, how often they should meet and the quality of the work submitted. It is important to establish:

  • the grade your group is hoping to achieve
  • how many meetings you'll have and their duration. Construct a timeline, showing meetings, deadlines, etc.
  • how the group will work by identifying roles so that everyone knows what each member is responsible for and keep minutes of your meetings. Consider rotating roles each meeting so that group members experience each role.
  • the rules for discussions and organise time for everyone to make contributions
  • that decisions are made as a group – this might require gathering more information before a decision can be made

From the first meeting, get into the habit of both expecting and allowing the Chairperson to keep the group on task and work-focused. Divide into sub-groups when it is appropriate. A single task might be completed more effectively by assigning individual members responsibilities for sub-tasks. Make sure sub-groups and individuals always report back to the main group and obtain approval for their tasks.