Invitation and registration

Your invitation

A personalised invitation will be sent to your preferred email address six weeks before your graduation ceremony. If your preferred email address is your UON email, this may be accessed via Microsoft Office 365. If you have forgotten your password, please contact IT on +61 2 49217000 to request that it be reset.

Please ensure UON has your current postal address and mobile number. You can check in myHub through myUoN. If you no longer have access to myUoN, please email with your correct postal address and mobile number as soon as possible from your UON email account.

When you receive your invitation email, check that your name and qualification details are correct. If your name is incorrect you will need to submit a Change of Details form (PDF,244) together with the required documents, by the date shown on your invitation email.


April 2018 Graduation Ceremonies

Registration for the April 2018 Callaghan Campus Graduation Ceremonies is now open.  Please click here to register your attendance, non-attendance or deferral.

Register your attendance prior to 11.59 pm on Sunday, 4 March 2018.

Late registrations will be accepted from Monday, 5 March to 11.59 pm on Sunday, 11 March 2018, however a late fee of $100 will apply (Graduation Package $175 + late registration fee $100 = $275) to any registration during this time.

Requests for late registration due to extenuating circumstances will be considered, however supporting documentation will need to be provided.

Additional guest tickets:
If additional guest tickets* in a specific ceremony are available graduates will be advised by email on Friday, 16 March 2018.  The purchase of any additional guest tickets will be on a “first in” basis and will close on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 or when sold out.

*Due to venue capacity, guest tickets are limited.


Let us know if you are attending

Once you have received your invitation, you need to advise us whether you are attending your graduation ceremony using the online registration system. You can nominate to attend, not attend or defer.

If you are attending, you will receive a receipt number once your payment for the graduation package has been processed. If you do not receive a receipt number at the time of registration please email us at

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony

Please complete the online registration form and nominate ‘not attend’ or ‘defer’

  • if you have chosen to collect your graduation documents we will email you to advise when these are ready to be collected;
  • if you have chosen to have your graduation documents posted to you, these will be sent to the postal address that you have provided.
  • If you are deferring your graduation, we will make a note to contact you for graduation at a later date.
  • If you wish to defer your graduation after the registration system has closed, please email

Please note if we do not hear from you, we will hold your documents in the Graduation office until you make contact with us via email at