Can I graduate?

Congratulations - this is an exciting time for you. Please see the below checklist to see if you are eligible to graduate.

Step one

You need to have met all the academic requirements of your degree, i.e. correct courses and number of units.

Step two

Check myHub through myUoN to confirm the following:

  • You have been awarded your degree.
  • Your major (for applicable undergraduate students) or specialisation (for applicable postgraduate students) is shown correctly.
  • Your level of Honours or Distinction has been added to your record (if applicable).

Step three

Check myHub if you have unprocessed credit; or if you have undertaken cross-institutional or exchange study, it is your responsibility to ensure that results from these studies are received before the final date of registration for your graduation ceremony.

Step four

Check myHub if you have incomplete professional experience, industrial experience, thesis or projects. It is your responsibility to lodge evidence of completion for all degree requirements with the appropriate person.

Step five

Check myHub to see if you have any incomplete grades, outstanding review of grades, supplementary assessments or deferred exams. Please note, if you accept an offer of a supplementary exam you are not guaranteed to meet the registration deadlines for your graduation ceremony.

Step six

Check myHub if you have any outstanding debts to the University. If you have any debts owing, you can still attend your graduation ceremony, but you won't be able to receive your graduation documents.

Step seven

Check myHub to ensure that all your contact details, i.e. home and mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, are up to date.