Courses offered

Course codeNameCampus
AART1400 Creative Enquiry PhotomediaCallaghan
AART1600 Introduction to 3-Dimensional Studies Callaghan
AART1700 Photomedia Callaghan
AART2240 Photomechanical Methods in Print Callaghan
AART2790 Observational & Expressive Drawing Callaghan
AART3462 Screen Callaghan
CAPA3850 Acting 3 Callaghan
CIVL2050Engineering Computations and ProbabilityCallaghan
CMNS2040 Music Video Callaghan
EDST2090 Teaching Scientific Literacy Port Macquarie
EDUC1103Schooling, Identity and SocietyCallaghan
EDUC1751 Knowledge & Communication Technologies Port Macquarie
EDUC2514 Primary Kinetics 1 Callaghan
EDUC3800 Intercultural Understanding for Educators Callaghan
EDUC3801 Global Education Pedagogies
EDUC3810 Teaching Science with The Creative Arts Callaghan
EDUC4016 Physical Education, Physical Activity & Health Research in Primary Schools Callaghan
EDUC4035 Inquiry into Early Childhood Philosophy & Practices
EDUC4800 Education in Global Perspective: Issues for Australian teachers Callaghan
EDUC4806 Civics & Citizenship Education
EDUC4808 Excellence & Equity: Promoting communities of self-directing learners Callaghan
EDUC4810 Media Arts Learning in Primary School an integrated approach Callaghan
ENGL1090 Critical Reading & Writing Callaghan
FREN2000 French In-Country Intensive Course: Noumea Online
HUMA1100 Aboriginal Languages: New Approaches Callaghan
HUSE3004 Social Policy:  Australian, Global & Comparative Patterns
LAWS5036International Clinical Legal ExternshipNewcastle City
LAWS6092International Clinical Legal ExternshipNewcastle City
LAWS6108 Corporate Power & Corporate Accountability: Pathways to Socially Responsible Business Newcastle City
MUSI2001 Introduction to Guitar Callaghan
MUSI2003 Introduction to Percussion Callaghan
MUSI2701 Sound Engineering Newcastle City
NHIL1005 Botanical Scientific Illustration Callaghan
NHIL2004 Anatomical & Medical Illustration Callaghan
PSYC1020 Psychology Introduction 2 Online
PSYC1030 Psychology: A Concise Introduction Online
SCIE3600 International Study Experience
SOCA2102 Sociology of Childbirth & Midwifery Online
SOCS3200 Applied Social Research Proj Newcastle City