Planning your enrolment

Getting your enrolment right helps you feel confident that you are on track for graduation. Time spent planning your enrolment is important and will make the final process so much easier. Follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to enrolling successfully.

What do I enrol in?

What you need to enrol in will depend on factors such as the year you started your program, your campus of study or if you are studying a combined degree.

As such, your first step in planning your enrolment should be to consult your program handbook and program plan.

  • Your program handbook details the rules and structure of your program, including the number and type of courses you need to complete and the maximum amount of time to complete the program.
  • Your program plan details the structure of your program (degree) and order that you should undertake courses, due to requisites, assumed knowledge and course offerings.

Choosing your courses

Your program plan is like a map leading you to graduation. It tells you what courses you need to study to complete your program.

Further information about each course is available online and is accessible from the program handbook, the course handbook or even directly from your program plan. This information will help you to work out things like what are your core and elective courses, and if you have the required assumed knowledge or whether you meet the requisites to enrol in a course.

You can log in to AskUON to find your program plan. Remember to select the version that matches to the year and semester you commenced studies in this program.

If you are having trouble selecting the right courses you can contact Student Central by dropping in to a Student Central location on campus or emailing

Your timetable

As you plan your timetable, find out what classes you need to take for each course – such as lectures, laboratories, workshops or tutorials. Some of your classes will have a compulsory time and others may have different options. You can review these times in the web timetable but it's easiest to plan your class preferences using the 'Planner' tool in myTimetable.

Pre-enrolment checklist

To make it easier for you to be ready for enrolment, we’ve created a pre-enrolment checklist to make sure you stay on track for graduation by completing the courses you need to for your program of study.

  • Check the key enrolment dates to make sure that enrolment is open
  • Check your program plan
  • Identify the courses in which you need to enrol
  • Make sure you meet the requisites and assumed knowledge for each course
  • View the class times for each course in the web timetable
  • Check out How to Enrol for more information about enrolling