When are exams held?

Final course exams are held at the end of every semester and trimester. You may have to sit a formal exam, depending on the course/s you are enrolled in. Not all courses have formal exams and your course outline  accessed via UoNline, will advise the methods of assessment.

Exams run from Mondays to Saturdays, (mornings, afternoons and evenings) and you'll need to be available during the entire exam period and the rescheduled exam period. Three exams in a 48 hour period is the maximum grouping in which your exams may occur. You won't be able to request a reschedule of your exams in the event of travel plans.

When can I see my exam timetable?

You will be able to access your exam timetable approximately 4 weeks before the exam period commences by clicking on the exam timetable button in myHub. Your venue will be available on the same link approximately 1 week before the exam period.

Exams can take place at all University campuses and you will be allocated a seat to sit your exam at the campus at which you are enrolled for each course. As per the Course Management and Assessment Procedure Manual, students are expected to sit examinations at the site of their enrolment.

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More info about exams

  • What to bring - When attending your exam make sure that you bring your photo identification (student ID card, driver's licence or passport). If you do not have suitable photo identification, you will have your photo taken and you will have to present your photo identification to one of our Student Central locations within 48 business hours. You can also bring pens or pencils, erasers, a clear water bottle and tissues. Calculators can be used a long as they are approved by the Course Coordinator. More info on approved calculators can be found here.
  • Memory aids - Students should check their course outline to see if they can bring a memory aid into their exam. If not stated otherwise in the course outline, a memory aid is 1 x A4 double sided sheet of any type of notes, handwritten or otherwise. It can be on coloured paper and can contain diagrams. The memory aid must be left in the examination venue and submitted along with your completed exam materials. It is not returned to the student.
  • What to wear - Not all exam rooms have air-conditioning so to ensure your comfort, wear layers of clothing that can be put on or taken off.
  • Mobile phones - Mobile phones may be brought into the exam venue, but must be switched off and placed under your chair until you complete the exam and leave the exam venue.
  • Watches - Smart watches must be kept in your bag or under your chair, all other watches are to be removed and left on the desk (or in your bag).
  • Adverse Circumstances - Sometimes the unexpected happens and an illness or serious circumstance beyond your control can affect your performance in an exam. If you find yourself in this situation you can apply for Adverse Circumstances. You can find out more about Adverse Circumstances here.