Appealing a final result

You can appeal a final grade for a course, as long as you meet the approved criteria outlined in the Course Management and Assessment Procedure Manual (Section 20).

You do not need to fail a course in order to appeal a result and you can appeal if:

  • You have passed but feel all required parts of the assessment were not included in your final result.
  • All marks that contributed to your final result have not been correctly weighted.
  • There has been an administrative error.

Step one

Contact your course coordinator or lecturer in person or by email after the official release of course results, this is usually after the Fully Graded Date.

If you feel your grade is incorrect, your course coordinator or lecturer will check the following and explain the reasons for your mark:

  • All your assessment items have been included in the final mark.
  • All your assessment items have been correctly weighted and added to arrive at the final mark.

If there is an error with your mark at this point, your course coordinator or lecturer may correct this. If there has been no error with your mark or you are dissatisfied with the result of your contact, or you are appealing under another approved criteria please complete the following steps:

Step two

Submit an online appeal application within five University working days of the official release of course results. You need to submit a separate application for each course result you wish to appeal. Results in UoNline are not official.

You must provide a supporting statement and supporting documents along with your application/s through the online appeal application and check that all supporting documents are readable. Your application will be rejected if you do not supply a supporting statement. (Please note: supporting documentation must be attached in PDF or .doc format only).

Student Hub staff or the Enquiry Centre can give you further advice if you have any issues submitting your appeal.

You need to keep the original supporting documentation provided as you may need these throughout the appeal process.

If you've been unable to contact your course coordinator, please still lodge your application within five University working days after you've received your official result. Please also show that you've attempted to make contact with your lecturer or course coordinator but haven't been able to resolve the issue. You can include emails or details of your attempts to speak with them and any responses to your questions.

Step three

Your online application must have all fields completed and include a detailed supporting statement that demonstrates to the Faculty Appeals and Progress Committee that there is a valid basis for your appeal against a final result.

Your appeal must fit within at least one of the approved criteria as listed on the online application. You can appeal on the basis of more than one criterion but you must provide details of your case and how your circumstances meet each criterion.

Criteria for making a case

You must address one or more of the appeal criteria as outlined in Section 20 of the Course Management and Assessment Procedure Manual (PDF 438KB).

If you are a potential graduate and appealing a final result, you will need to meet every criterion outlined in the above manual. Failure to address the appeal criteria will result in your application being rejected.

Statements such as the following are insufficient grounds for appeal:

  • I am a good student who has attended all lectures and tutorials and I believe I should have passed.
  • I only need another 2 marks to pass the course, please consider.
  • I got 62 in my progressive assessment but my academic record shows 0 (zero) and an FF.
    Note: This will be because the course has an essential criterion which you have not satisfied and is not a basis for appeal unless this information was not included in either the program handbook or course outline.
  • My grandmother died during the semester and it really affected me.
    Note: You need to provide details regarding the dates of illness/death of your relative and how this affected your studies. You also need to provide some supporting documentation such as a funeral notice/order of service or death certificate. If the family name of your relative is not the same as yours you will also need to provide some evidence that this person is a close relative and why you didn't apply for adverse circumstances at that time.

Once you've lodged your application, it will firstly go back to your course coordinator to verify your marks and make any comments for consideration on your academic performance. The Faculty Progress and Appeals Committee then considers your application and will either reject or uphold your appeal.

Rejected appeals

If your appeal is rejected, the Committee has determined you have not demonstrated a valid case and the University will take no further action. You'll receive an email letting you know of this outcome.

Upheld appeals

If your appeal is upheld, the Committee has determined you have demonstrated a valid case and the following can occur:

  • Your assessment is remarked.
    Note: this doesn't guarantee that you'll receive additional marks.
  • Complete an additional assessment or exam.
    Note: this doesn't  guarantee you will pass the course. You will still need to show that you've reached a satisfactory standard in understanding the course content. If you don't satisfactorily complete the additional assessment, the final mark may remain the same or be less than the mark originally awarded.
  • If you're a potential graduate and you complete an additional assessment or exam, the maximum grade you can receive is 50.

If you appeal a pass grade or higher, there is a $50 fee you'll need to pay. This may be refunded if the grade changes in your favour.

You can pay this through the Online Shop.

If you're appealing a fail grade, you don't need to pay this fee or complete this form.

I am a JMP student, how do I apply?

If you fail a course and have grounds to appeal you may submit an Appeal Against Final Result Application.

All applications must be sent electronically to and must include supporting documentation. Please note that supporting documentation must be attached in PDF or .doc format only.

This must be completed within 7 days of the release of your final result and you are required to speak with your Course Coordinator prior to lodging the Appeal.

You must demonstrate a valid case based only upon the specific Appeal criteria. These are outlined in the Bachelor of Medicine - JMP Appeal Against Final Result Procedure.

A late Appeal Against a Final Result must be in writing. If the Appeal is lodged within six months of the final result being posted, it will be considered by the Dean in consultation with the Heads of School and the current Course/Unit Coordinator of the nominated course/unit. The Dean will determine the outcome of the Appeal.

If the Appeal is lodged between 6 months (plus one day) and two years of the final result being posted, the Appeal will be considered by the Dean and the Pro Vice-Chancellors, Faculties of Health and the Professors who will determine the outcome of the Appeal.

If the appeal is lodged later than two years after the final result has been posted, it will be considered by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) who will determine the outcome of the Appeal.

Do I have a valid case to Appeal?

A case for Appeal must be valid and based on Clause 20 of the Course Management and Assessment Procedure Manual. A valid Appeal is one which addresses one or more of the following appeal criteria. You must select at least one for the Appeal to be considered.

  1. the mark for an assessment item(s) (including the final examination) is inconsistent with stated marking criteria;
  2. the type or weighting of anassessment item(s) differs from information in the course outline;
  3. the content or topic of an assessment item(s)does not reflect the content of the course;
  4. extreme circumstances (such as extendedhospitalisation) prevented the student from submitting an Adverse Circumstances application at the appropriate time.
  5. are you appealing as a potential graduate?

If you are appealing as a potential graduate you must meet all of the criteria below or the Appeal will be rejected.

  • the course is a ten unit course;
  • the student has not previously failed this course;
  • the student has undertaken the course in their last year of study and all other program requirements have been satisfied;
  • the final result achieved for the course is greater than 40% and less than 50% of the total marks for the course;
  • the student has not already undertaken supplementary assessment (other than on the basis of Adverse Circumstances) in the course and
  • the student has submitted all required assessment items throughout the relevant term on time (subject to any applications under the Adverse Circumstances Affecting Assessment Items Procedure).