Printing and scanning

Student Printing

UON is introducing a new Student Printing service to improve your experience. Student Printing allows you to print when you want, where you want and how you want - simply select the Student Printing option from any enabled location - this will send your printing to the Student Print queue where your document is held for up to 24hours. Once you have queued all the printing you need simply head to the nearest available photocopier and swipe your Student ID card to access your print jobs, select what you need and hit print. Your documents will be printed immediately.

To view the Student Printing instructions click here.

Currently available in Huxley Library with more spaces coming soon.

What Are the Benefits of Student Printing:

  1. Convenient: Printing is done on your own terms. You can queue your print jobs and continue working, no need to leave your computer unattended while you search for your printing, or to wait for others if the print area is busy. Your printing is released when you are at the printer, not when you are on the computer.
  2. Secure: You can send a print job and continue working without the worry someone else will collect your work by accident, your print job won't print until you are ready.
  3. Green: No more need for tedious 'cover pages' - your print job won't print until you are at the printer, there is no more need for cover pages to distinguish between different print jobs.
  4. Efficient: You can queue your print jobs while you continue to work at your computer, no more needless trips across the room to collect printing. The print jobs will be held in the print queue while you continue to work. Once you have finished and are ready to leave, head to the nearest photocopier and select the print jobs you want.
  5. Mobile: Select print from wherever 'Student Printing' is available to queue your printing and swipe your student card to print your documents from any of the campus photocopiers.


You can print to student network printers from any of the general access areas, which include dedicated labs, libraries and student hubs. In most cases, your printing will be automatically sent to the closest printer. Depending on your location, you can choose to print in colour or black and white on A4 or A3 paper.

Printing is debited through your PrintCopy account and the cost will depend on your printing choices.

Wireless printing - UONprint

You can also print from your laptop, smart phone or tablet using the University's wireless network via our UONprint service. For help see the UONprint instructions on serviceUON.

You can choose which printer you want to use. So you don't lose your printing please ensure you are at the correct location to collect your pages before you submit the print job.

Some limitations apply for iPads and iPhones - only files in the photo library can be uploaded and printed. Use Google Chrome when printing from an Android device.