Procrastination Stoppers

  • Ten-Minute Plan – work on a large task for a minimum of ten minutes a day
  • List all the steps to complete the job Concentrate on taking the first step, then the next, etc. Focus on the individual sections – don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the whole
  • Spend a few minutes to identify what you want to achieve in your study session and how you’ll start
  • Set time limits – List the tasks you plan to do at a single sitting and how long you expect to take to complete each of them (be realistic)
  • Set a reward or put off something you want to do until you have completed a specific task
  • Excuses often start from an element of truth which you can acknowledge but you can choose not to react to it.
  • When you want to stop study, check what made you lose focus – problem solve to work past it
  • Take a few minutes to review your progress and set a new goal
  • Tell yourself to spend another five minutes before taking a break  – it may get you past the hurdle
  • Critically evaluate any excuses not to go ahead with the task
  • Go to a different place to study/work where your usual distractions are not present
  • Work/study with somebody who works well or with friends who  get things done
  • Be assertive with people who want to distract you
  • Give encouraging/positive messages to yourself rather than  self-criticising/negative messages
  • Consciously use language empowering language “I will do it”  or “I can do it” vs “I’ll try to do it”