eLAMP 2019

Emerging Leaders and Managers Program

eLAMP is a dynamic and rewarding leadership development opportunity for Professional Staff (HEW 6-8) and Academic Staff (Levels B-C) as well as staff who are new to management roles.

What is the program?

The Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is designed for new and aspiring tertiary education managers to develop their leadership skills, knowledge and capacity to lead and manage effectively in the rapidly changing tertiary education environment.

The program runs from March – December and is a combination of online learning and discussion, as well as a series of face to face workshops.

The program is facilitated by the LH Martin Institute, and was developed in conjunction with the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM). The program is split across four modules; leading and managing the self; managing and developing others; managing and developing the business; and understanding the tertiary education landscape.

Key benefits of the program include:

  • Develop your leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of the current challenges facing the higher education sector, through case studies, online discussions and shared learning with fellow UON colleagues
  • Networking with and hearing first hand from senior UON leaders at guest speaker workshops, held frequently throughout the year; and
  • Following successful completion of the program, the ability to be admitted into the LH Martin Institute’s, Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management with advanced standing.

Who is eligible?

  • The program is open to Professional Staff (HEW 6-8) and Academic Staff (Level B-C) who are employed on an ongoing basis or on a fixed- term contract, for at least 12 months. Staff who are employed at higher levels who are new to management are also eligible to apply.

How to apply?

Please note that Director/Head of School approval and endorsement is required to apply for the program. Places are limited so a selection process may be required.

Applications for 2019 have now closed.

Hear from our eLAMP graduates

I was interested in the eLamp program to enhance my leadership skills in a changing environment and was very pleased when I was accepted in the program.  When I started this course I had just commenced as a Team Leader role so the timing was right for me.  This course allowed me to look at myself and how I could develop as a leader and provided a platform to help me manage and develop others in a team environment.   I also enjoyed getting together with other Uni staff to hear their views and thoughts on each module.  I would definitely recommend eLamp to anyone who wanted to progress their career.

Rochelle Feenan, HR Client Services Team Leader, Human Resource Services

The eLAMP program was very informative, and really challenged my thinking around leadership and the higher education sector. Learning about the history and context of the sector has enabled me to have a greater understating of the complexities faced by our organisation. It also highlighted the importance of reflecting on my own work and identifying my own strengths, weaknesses and behaviours. The workshops throughout the program were a great way to meet and collaborate with colleagues from across the university. I would recommend academic and professional colleagues from across the university to participate in the eLAMP program if the opportunity arises.

Melanie Stringer, Student Recruitment and Engagement Team Leader, Marketing and Communications