2020 Finalists

The following summaries for our finalists have been supplied by those nominating them.

Engagement Excellence Awards

Awarded to an individual or team who have made an outstanding contribution to the community or built strong links with the community through outstanding partnership and collaboration.

  1. Individual: Anthea Bill

    Faculty of Business and Law

    Dr Anthea Bill makes outstanding contributions to wellbeing in the region on behalf of the University by providing compelling insight on the economy frequently and for a wide range of public audiences. She has gone well beyond the amount and quality of public engagement expected in her role. Her pro bono insight and advice have been in particular demand this year due to the economic impacts associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. Team: Aunty Shaa Smith, Uncle Bud Marshall, Neeyan Smith, Sarah Wright, Paul Hodge and Lara Daley


    Yandaarra (Shifting Camp Together), as a Gumbaynggirr-led research collaboration, has become an Industry best practice exemplar of outstanding Indigenous-led university-custodial engagement (Woodward et al 2020). Through a successful ARC Linkage Grant, the collaboration is modelling how creation stories inform and guide natural resource management (NRM) responses to environmental change. In 2019, the collaboration supported the successful founding by custodians of Gumbaynggirr Jagun Aboriginal Corporation enabling Gumbaynggirr custodians to further engage landholders to help heal Country.

  3. Team: Philip Morgan, Myles Young, David Lubans, Narelle Eather, Alyce Barnes, Emma Pollock, Stevie-Lee Kennedy and Kristen Saunders

    The ‘Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered’

    The multi-award-winning Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered program targets fathers to improve their daughters’ wellbeing. Developed by Professor Philip Morgan and colleagues in 2014, outstanding community benefits have been demonstrated including long-term health improvements for families. Significant community engagement, strong school-community-industry-university partnerships and impressive media exposure have enhanced the reputation of the University in the community and on a national/international stage; and positioned the University of Newcastle as translational research leader.

Awarded to an individual or team who have advanced the University’s international engagement capability and profile.

  1. Individual: Andrea Coda

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    During the pandemic, Dr Andrea Coda accomplished outstanding contribution in forming new global partnerships with the Catalan Health Ministry and Vodafone-Spain. He pioneered and validated a digital-health innovation that allows monitoring WHO recommended COVID-19 screening-outcomes in real-time. This university technology was successfully tested on 72 Spanish patients with COVID-19 and 22 healthcare providers confined at home. Dr Coda is finalising $1,2M partnership with the Catalan Health Ministry to introduce this innovation to 6 million people.

  2. Individual: Philip Morgan

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    Professor Philip Morgan is the founder of a number of multi-award-winning health education programs which have been globally adapted, resulting in the development of strong international partnerships. Healthy Dads Healthy Kids has been adapted in 3 countries in partnership with leading institutions including University of Birmingham (England); Baylor College of Medicine (USA); and University of Glasgow (Scotland). Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered is being rolled out across the UK in partnership with Women-in-Sport U.K.

  3. Individual: Ravi Naidu

    Faculty of Science

    Professor Ravi Naidu leads the Global Centre for Environmental Remediation (GCER), a centre with research partnerships across Australasia-Pacific (including China, India, Bangladesh, South Korea and Thailand), USA, UK and Europe. GCER, which houses $15-million world-leading laboratory facilities, develops better ways to manage, clean-up and prevent environmental contamination. Over the last ten years, Professor Naidu has raised over $250 million for collaborative research projects, enhanced the Science Faculty’s profile, and attracted over 100 high-calibre international students.

Awarded to an individual or team who have worked with industry in a way that goes beyond standard commercial relationships and have contributed to positive outcomes for both parties.

  1. Individual: Richard Fletcher

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Associate Professor Richard Fletcher has spearheaded two major industry-engaged initiatives over the last five years that have filled a gap in health services, provided a method of engagement with services, and generated a model of care that is emulated around the world. In leading industry partnered and funded projects worth more than $3 million, Fletcher has developed a model of care and engagement relevant to all Australian fathers and their families.

  2. Individual: Ian Webster

    Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

    Conjoint Senior Fellow and Ampcontrol Group Engineering Manager Ian Webster’s strong industry engagement is evidenced through his professional leadership, technical innovation, and longstanding partnership with ResTech. These attributes were underscored by his role as Lead of Project Anemoi – a NSW State Government initiative to deliver emergency ventilators to NSW Health Infrastructure. The 40-strong team consisting of >60% UoN alumni delivered a functional prototype ventilator to John Hunter Hospital just 18 days after the initial

  3. Team: Craig Wheeler, Michael Carr and Bin Chen

    Centre for Bulk Solids

    Researchers at the Centre for Bulk Solids have developed an innovative bulk material transportation system, aptly named the Rail Conveyor. The patented technology provides an energy efficient and cost-effective method for transporting bulk commodities resulting in combined CAPEX/OPEX savings of 35-50%. International connections have been developed with Thyssenkrupp, a German multinational conglomerate, who have sales over €42 billion and 106,000 employees. This partnership resulted in an exclusive global licence agreement with Thyssenkrupp in 2019.

Research Excellence Awards

Awarded to individuals or teams who have provided outstanding supervision to Higher Degree by Research candidate.

  1. Individual: Mitch O’Toole

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    Mitch O’Toole currently supervises 28 doctoral education students and he has seen 21 through to completion. Mitch’s approach with students is supportive, collaborative, educative and tireless. He is able to supervise a very large number of students because he genuinely and visibly loves the work and is committed to his students’ success. In everything he does, Mitch is a teacher and his wholistic, educative approach to supervision is a model for our University’s academic community.

  2. Individual: Hannah Power

    Faculty of Science

    Dr Hannah Power in the words of her current HDR students: "an outstanding mentor and role model, an excellent communicator and a gifted researcher" "an amazing and primary support for my PhD since day one". She encourages and believes in the potential of her students, motivating them to constantly excel.

  3. Individual: Suzanne Snodgrass

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Associate Professor Snodgrass’ mentorship enables PHD students to develop as researchers, to learn and apply essential research skills. She provides opportunities for networking locally, for research promotion, for collaboration within and external to the University, and for connection with experts in the field, thus enabling the development of successful research collaborations. This enables students to achieve success both in their studies, to be life and research ready graduates and supports their careers post PhD.

  4. Team: Shen Chen and Heather Sharp

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    Associate Professor Shen Chen and Associate Professor Heather Sharp have been working as an outstanding team to supervise international students, in particular, providing additional supports to those who are overseas during the difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have demonstrated a humanistic “3-I”model of Instruction, inspiration and interaction in order to engage, encourage and enlighten students in research. They are sharing their cross-cultural understanding and experiences though two research books on PhD supervision published in 2020.

Awarded to an outstanding individual academic or professional staff member actively engaged in research, who is within 5 years of PhD completion. Conjoints may also be considered, providing their research is primarily based at the University.

  1. Individual: Andrew Gardner

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Associate Professor Andrew Gardner is a nationally recognised sports concussion clinician research. He leads a global team of multidisciplinary researchers and clinicians, together with national and international sport leagues/governing bodies, and industry partners to conduct translational research that advances knowledge and improves health care for current and retired athletes suffering from concussion and other secondary physical, cognitive, mental, and psychological problems. His research output is outstanding, and has already had a significant impact on contact sports policy.

  2. Individual: Vincent Raoult

    Faculty of Science

    Vincent Raoult has demonstrated his commitment to both research and teaching excellence as an ECR at the University of Newcastle. Since starting in 2016, he has published 27 peer-reviewed research articles and contributed to over $400,000 of research funding. Using cutting-edge technologies like drones and ROVs he has developed new avenues of research for marine ecosystems. His research in ecology and fisheries science and has received international media attention reaching over 190 million people globally.

  3. Individual: Jessie Sutherland

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Jessie Sutherland is an outstanding Early Career Researcher and an emerging international leader with a formidable trajectory for research excellence and impact. This is evidenced by her impressive publication output, competitive grant funding, industry and community engagement, and passion for mentorship, well beyond the expectations for her career stage.

Teaching Excellence Awards

Awarded to an individual sessional academic, or team of sessional academics who have made an outstanding impact and contribution to student learning outcomes.

  1. Individual: Michael Carr

    Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

    Dr. Michael Carr uses teaching methods which support learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn. He has developed innovative teaching methods for the core engineering course MECH1110 (Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design) which is being taught in face-to-face, blended and fully online delivery modes. One innovative method he has developed, is the use of portfolio assessment schemes which allow for constant feedback and additional learning support for the benefit of student success.

  2. Individual: Levi Tegg

    Faculty of Science

    Mr. Levi Tegg has been an outstanding laboratory demonstrator and tutor, who has been singled out by many students in SFC comments. In Semester 1, 2020 Mr. Tegg took on the course coordination and lecturing for PHYS1205. The potential disaster of COVID on a laboratory based course cannot be understated. In this very challenging environment he not only far exceeded the student satisfaction of previous years, but outperformed his more experienced colleagues teaching in similar.

Awarded to an individual or team of teachers who have made an outstanding impact on student learning.

  1. Individual: Mitchell Smith

    Faculty of Science

    Dr. Mitchell Smith’s teaching excellence, particularly in blended learning, is clearly evidenced through outstanding student feedback, and individual teaching awards. However, his greatest contribution to teaching and learning at the University lies in the leadership he has taken in this space. Dr. Smith has overseen course improvements and transitions to blended formats for the discipline of Exercise and Sports Science, which has placed it in an excellent position to adapt to course optimization and COVID study-from-home requirements.

  2. Team: Bobae Choi and Doowon Lee

    Newcastle Business School

    Bobae Choi and Doowon Lee contributed to developing and facilitating an innovative curriculum and technology-empowered learning resources that create a bridge between classrooms and the real-world for Accounting and Finance students. 1,500+ students from 15 cohorts have benefited from our initiatives, leading to a 46% increase in the overall satisfaction score from student feedback. In recognition of this contribution, Drs. Choi and Lee were awarded the Faculty of Business and Law Teaching Excellence Award in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

  3. Team: Sarah Valkenborghs, Carolyn Clark and Laura Dowling

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    This nomination recognises the teaching excellence of Dr Sarah Valkenborghs, Carolyn Clark and Laura Dowling from School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy. The team has revolutionised the teaching of exercise physiology classes during COVID-19 by using innovative teaching approaches and simple educational technologies to ensure student success. The team also ensured online sessions were prepared in advance and ran smoothly and enthusiastically, with the emphasis being on maintaining the students’ interest and providing stimulating and motivating learning opportunities.

  4. Team: Sacha Davis, Michael Kilmister, Adam Khamis and Chip Van Dyk

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    Creative learning media and a novel assessment task designed primarily for online led to substantial increases in student success across all offerings of a 2000-level history course. Every week, short videos introduced complex concepts, creating memorable learning moments. Revision of core knowledge was embedded by a new, ongoing assessment that rewarded participation. The rigour of these innovations was highlighted by the seamless success of students thrust into online only learning during the tumult of COVID-19.

Student Experience Excellence Award

Recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution individuals or teams have made to enhance the quality of the student experience beyond the formal teaching environment.

  1. Individual: Natalie Holmes

    Faculty of Science

    As the lead organiser of the COE Spring School, Natalie Holmes has developed a collaboration between the universities of Newcastle, Sydney, and Western Sydney. Through this collaboration, Natalie has developed a short course on electron microscopy, which has lead to the internationally-renowned software "MyScope" being permanently modified to include her work. Her work will be used in science education all over the globe, which goes far beyond the expectations for a Level A academic.

  2. Team: Luke Boulton, Ben Armstrong, Nicholas Barham, Brian Blackwell, Elizabeth Burns, Callan Davies, Tim Garside, Mitchell Guihot, Annika Herb, Jarrod Hiles, Michael Kilmister, Adam Khamis, Ann King, Chris Lawrence, Clare Lloyd, Adrian Mereles, Paul Mcdonald, Patrick Nichols, Eliza Prescott, Tammy Robinson, Arlene Sale, Paul Sijpkes, Leanne Vaughan, Mali Webb, Rebecca Wotzko and Andrew Yardy

    Learning Development and Teaching Innovation (LDTI)

    As the impact of Covid 19 on the universities operation became apparent the LDTI acted quickly and pro-actively in setting up numerous systems and support mechanism to assist staff and students shift to a fully online learning environment within a matter of weeks. They continued to provide support and assistance throughout the year adapting their operations to respond to student and staff feedback as well as technical challenges.

  3. Team: Susannah Lynch, Jayne McCartney, Karla Brandstater, Angela Budden, Simona Gorgievski, Joshua Hewitt, Laura Lazaletta and Sonja Rakanovic

    Student Communication Team @ Home campaign

    Responding to the stress students felt in the swift move to remote learning, Student Communications launched the University of Newcastle @ Home campaign, a communication campaign to bring together the necessary information to support students now studying at home. The key message across the campaign was ‘We are all in this together" creating a sense of community and connectedness and ensuring students had the resources they needed to succeed in the challenging circumstances.

  4. Team: Ruth Pring, Lisa Nelson, Hannah Rizzo and Tamara Tancred

    Student Success Partners Program

    This team have developed and implemented the innovative Student Success Partner Program, which targets 'at-risk' commencing students to guide and equip them with the academic skills and confidence for success through discipline-specific partnerships with high-achieving senior students. This unique, peer-to-peer mentoring program has seen great outcomes, with improved retention and success rates as well as enhanced grade distribution, while simultaneously developing student employability skills.

Professional Staff Excellence Awards

Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional performance, service or achievements.

  1. Individual: Molly Blair

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    Molly Blair frequently goes above and beyond what is expected. She anticipates needs, proactively addresses problems, identifies and mitigates risks, and has an attention to detail well beyond expectations for her level. Molly acts quickly and precisely, and has the courage to suggest refined procedures to senior members of staff (including Deputy Heads, her Team Leader, the School Executive Officer, and the Head of School) who have come to rely on her thoroughness, breadth of knowledge, and capacity for innovative solutions to difficult problems.

  2. Individual: Miriam Burgess

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    The decant of 'McMullin' has been very successful largely due to Miriam Burgess who has managed the complex operations of the move. Miriam is across all facets of this complex process, liaises with the HOS and with me as SEO, and has shown foresight and innovation in dealing with complex practical and cultural problems. It is her exceptional ability to collaborate, engage and influence with all involved that has enabled cross-unit collaboration with multiple areas.

  3. Individual: Mitchell Bull

    Resources Division

    Mitchell Bull has been responsible for leading and managing the End User Computing function at the University of Newcastle during a period of extensive change and uncertainty. IT Services at the University has undertaken a detailed planning exercise leading to a significant transformation which will commence in 2020. At the same time changes in the IT industry and the expectations of our staff and students are challenging the traditional notion of “desktop support”.

  4. Individual: Adam Koppers

    Research and Innovation Division

    Adam Koppers has been instrumental in establishing the administrative framework for the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals at the University of Newcastle, with $35M in ARC funding, involving 18 organisations. Adam has arguably created the “blueprint” for establishing major Centres of this kind within the University, providing outstanding service to diverse stakeholders, while successfully implementing an outstanding and novel initiative of significant benefit to the University.

Awarded to a team which may consist of either a work unit team or individuals from different work units whose collaboration has produced an outstanding contribution.

  1. Team: Natalie Townsend, Isabelle Barnes, Emma Byrnes, Peta Forder, Anna Graves, Clare Thomson, Katherine Tuckerman and Ryan Tuckerman

    ALSWH COVID-19 Survey team

    The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health launched the first of 14 COVID-19 surveys in April. Protocol development took place from 27th March, as the team moved to work from home. The team worked in their own time to get the survey in the field to capture data as the crisis unfolded, and to analyse, summarise and disseminate the results as quickly as possible. These pandemic surveys were not in anyone’s work plans.

  2. Team: Kate McKenny, Jessica Colefax, Bree Knight, Alex Heim, Tom Knox, Alex Matthew, Louise McGufficke, Jack Meek, Terry Moore, Lizette Olivier, Lisa Puddephatt, Vaida Shaw, Nicole Shelford, William Wallace and Alexandria Yates,


    During the Pandemic when the University transitioned largely to working and studying from home, the ASKUON team were tasked with the difficult challenge of maintaining frontline services across all campuses and service points whilst considering social distancing, heightened stress and fear from the student community. The ability to respond and adapt to the changes seamlessly meant we were able to continue to maintain customer expectations and business continuity for frontline student engagement.

  3. Team: Sam Doherty, Dennis Britten, Bridene Doherty, Emily Middleton, Annie O'Brien, Richard Olde, Renee Picton, Tim Roots and Marty Mag Uidhir

    COVID Short Courses - Student Central Team

    In response to the Australian Government’s Higher Education Relief Package announced on 12 April 2020, Student Central staff from the Admissions, Business Enablement and Student Administration teams collaborated to rapidly deliver bespoke application, admission and enrolment process ahead of Trimester 2 commencement on 11 May 2020.

  4. Team: Melissa Moore, Alix Considine, Chezarne Cuffe, Chonteau Gorsevski, Deborah Greentree, Sally Homer, Monique Kassi, Leonie Lam, Rachael Leonard, Andrew Licata, Helen McNairney, Tara Payling, Renee Smith, Nicola Snell,  Kylie Twyford, Greg Ward and Tonia Weaver

    Employability and Enterprise Team (The Careers Service)

    Employability and Enterprise (Careers Service) have delivered an outstanding service to its stakeholders in 2020. The team’s agile response to COVID 19 led to changes that have been adopted by services across the sector. This has been accompanied by a refreshed approach to embedded career development learning, new job support programs and expanded delivery of cohort specific workshops. The team have also led the creation of the inaugural Employability Excellence Awards

Awarded to an individual staff member who commenced at the University in the previous 5 years, and who has demonstrated outstanding capacity to contribute meaningfully within the early stages of their career at the University.

  1. Individual: Bree Arthur

    Global Engagement and Partnerships Division

    Bree Arthur has made an outstanding contribution to meeting the challenges of attracting Chinese students in a volatile market through her work on the COVID-19 Comms Group and delivery of large scale projects including scaling up our WeChat channel, a microsite and chatbot specific to the Chinese market, reducing accessibility and language barriers. Bree has demonstrated outstanding cross unit collaboration and service to a variety of stakeholders including UON Global, Confucius Institute, the Faculties and NIC.

  2. Individual: Adrian Mereles

    Academic Division

    Adrian Mereles demonstrates capability and professionalism far beyond his years. He displays a high level of proficiency in his work, with an aptitude for understanding where extra value might be added beyond initial project scope. Moving beyond small web applications, Adrian has taken on projects of increasing magnitude with the Learning Design and Teaching Innovation team, and in 2020 he was central to the development of two of the University's enterprise-wide COVID-19 response initiatives.

  3. Individual: Nicole Rigby

    Faculty of Education and Arts

    With a commencement date just 3 weeks prior to the pandemic resulting in staff being instructed to work from home, Nicole Rigby, our Rising Star, took the situation as an opportunity to shine in her first ever administrative role. Nicole embraced new technologies, developed working relationships via Zoom, developed a suite of detailed induction resources and procedures and implemented team building and wellness initiatives.

Leadership Excellence Award

Recognises and celebrates an inspirational leader, or group of leaders who role model our leadership behaviours and contribute to our University’s success.

  1. Individual: Kristy Atkins

    Faculty of Science

    As the Faculty Executive Officer, Kristy Atkins leads the team of professional staff in the Office of the PVC. In addition, Kristy has successfully led several Faculty wide strategic projects over the last 18 months. In particular, the Blueworks live mapping project, for which Kristy has demonstrated exceptional leadership, stakeholder engagement.

  2. Individual: Amy Maguire

    Faculty of Business and Law

    Amy Maguire is a human rights lawyer who inspires others to advance justice. She is shaping the future by promoting equitable opportunity. Her public engagement enhances the University’s reputation and influences policy. She works collaboratively and mentors others to their full potential. Amy strives for excellence as one of Australia’s most outstanding university teachers and a nationally recognised research leader. She sets a courageous example and supports others to positively shape the Australian legal system.

  3. Team: Matt Dun, Farjana Afrin, Dilana Staudt Baretto, Alicia Douglas, Ryan Duchatel, Zacary Germon, Evangeline Jackson, Abdul Mannan, Tabitha McLachlan and Ameha Woldu

    Cancer Signalling Research Group

    Dr Matt Dun and CSRG Team created DIPG research program at UON in 2018, seeing real-time clinical translation of discovery science-based research. Data used to support successful 'Rare Pediatric Disease Designation' application to US FDA for drug 'paxalisib', and paxalisib's inclusion in international DIPG clinical trial. Ongoing research to improve survival outcomes for kids with DIPG, including collaboration with international field-leaders exemplifies principles of the University of Newcastle's Leadership Framework, deserving of recognition via Leadership Excellence Award 2020.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award

Recognises and celebrates an individual or team who have made an outstanding contribution to supporting and promoting equity and diversity, and fostering inclusion within the University of Newcastle.

  1. Individual: Jill Duncan

    Faculty of Educations and Arts

    Dr Duncan exemplifies excellence in equity, diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities. She recruited and supervises a PhD candidate with dual sensory impairment; developed and now coordinates the Deaf Education specialisation; and engaged industry to provide case studies of deaf children for the specialisation. Dr Duncan is chair of Aussie Deaf Kids, a member of the NSW Disability Council advising the Hon Minister Ward and has been invited to speak before Joint Standing Committees.

  2. Individual: Kotryna Fraser

    Faculty of Science

    Kotryna is an ERC female-academic in STEMM and comes from culturally and linguistically different background. Her election to the BASES (The UK Professional Body) and UON FSC EDI committees illustrates Kotryna’s dedication to promote equity and diversity in sport and at workplace. Combined with the recent external funding she received to investigate gender-gap in elite coaches, Kotryna takes initiative and enterprise which exceed daily expectations of a Level A academic.

  3. Individual: Matthew West

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Through strong and enduring community connections, Matthew West has led the creation, management and day-to-day operation of the Buridja Clinic, a podiatry clinical service on Darkinjung land on the Central Coast that offers lower limb screening, early intervention and education to prevent lower limb amputation in local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

  4. Team: James Bennett, David Betts, Justin Ellis, Marguerite Johnson, Kcasey McLoughlin and Gillean Shaw

    Waiting for Equality Team

    The ‘Waiting for Equality: Telling LGBTIQ+ Stories about Marriage Equality in Newcastle and the Hunter’ project profiles Australia’s first regional portrait of lived experiences of the Australian marriage equality debate and campaign. Interdisciplinary research and engagement with Hunter LGBTIQ+ communities developed an outstanding public touring exhibition (Newcastle 2019/2020; Maitland 2020) that will continue to engage with the wider community in digitised format to foster inclusion of people of diverse genders and sexual identities.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award

Recognises and celebrates innovative initiatives and solutions development by an individual or team to promote, enhance or protect the health, safety and wellness of our staff and students.

  1. Individual: Natalie Evans

    Vice-Chancellor's Division

    Natalie Evans is an exemplary contributor to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of the entire University community during the COVID-19 health crisis as the architect of, and powerhouse behind, our Health.Response email account. Her dedicated support offered through this positional account has provided a lifeline for the University, its staff and students and our broader community. She has provided a host of accurate, practical and timely advice in a fast changing and often uncertain environment.

  2. Individual: Galiya Sharafutdinova

    Faculty of Science

    Galiya Sharafutdinova has been the School Health and Safety (H&S) Representative and has taken these responsibilities beyond normal expectations. She has shown initiative in identifying and addressing safety issues. In particular her role in enabling undergraduate laboratories to proceed in a COVID-19 safe manner has been invaluable to ensure student and demonstrator well-being.

  3. Team: Lou Morrissey (Lead), Serena Rogers, Susannah Lynch, Jayne McCartney, Sarah Nash, Gemma Edgar, Kate McKenny, Rob Brooks, Ben Shelton,  Emma O’Sullivan, Natasha Sugden

    Additional contributors: Madeleine Allen, Bree Arthur, Meg Bellemore, Elijah Frost, Chelsea Groth, Narelle Kidner, Tommy Lin, Meegan McHugh, Michelle Nunn, Jess Rokobaro, Lauren Shield, Abbie Stoner, Amanda Watson, Haylie West, Melissa Wilson
    COVID-19 Communications Working Group

    The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant health, safety and wellbeing challenge our University has ever faced. In the face of intense pressure, and with rapidly changing health advice, the COVID-19 Communications Working Group produced clear, instructive and sensitive communications to keep our community safe and well and to help us navigate the pandemic while working or studying. This was a truly collaborative effort with more than 20 staff contributing to the effort.

Values Award

Our University Values are our guiding principles. This award recognises and celebrates an individual or team who have gone above and beyond to exemplify our Values of equity, excellence, engagement and sustainability.

  1. Individual: Jessica Bennett

    Faculty of Health and Medicine

    Jessica Bennett, is a Proud Gamilaroi Woman from Kootingal, devoting herself to improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Jessica exemplifies the University of Newcastle’s (UON) values of Equity, Excellence, Engagement and Sustainability. Jessica is Course Coordinator of UON Nursing and Midwifery courses, a Neonatal Nurse, strives for equity and community engagement, and is producing positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and communities, within the Universtiy and beyond.

  2. Individual: Linda Tracey

    Academic Division

    Linda Tracey is an outstanding member of the University community whose commitment to the University’s values are demonstrated regularly by her action-oriented approach in respect of equity, excellence, engagement and sustainability. LInda has made an enormous contribution to the culture of the University through her efforts.

  3. Team: Bec Stone, Michelle Campbell, Brad Holmes, Leanne Innes, Natalia Kerr, Victoria Price, Miranda Stokes and Tom Thorne

    Emergency Hardship Appeal Team

    The Emergency Student Hardship Appeal was the conduit that mobilised alumni, staff and the community to support our vulnerable students during COVID-19. Raising $176,000, the Appeal provided vital support to students facing hardship, including those within the University’s diversity and inclusion priority areas. Through the acquisition of new donors and positioning of the University as a strong charitable organisation, the appeal is contributing to the University’s financial sustainability through future funding opportunities.

  4. Team: Paul Dastoor, Matthew Barr, Matthew Bergin, Todd Bonniface, Nathan Cooling, Michael Dickinson, Daniel Elkington, Mitch Gibbs, Adam Fahy, Natalie Holmes, Pankaj Kumar, Mitch Lavender, Tim Lewis, Roy Murcutt, Jason Nolan, Nicolas Nicolaidid, Ben Vaughan and Xiaojing Zhou

    Priority Research Centre for Organic Electronics Covid-19 Response Face Shield Team

    As the COVID-19 pandemic started impacting the Hunter and a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) became apparent, the team at the Priority Research Centre for Organic Electronics (PRCOE) designed, prototyped, field validated, then produced over 2000 face shields for HNE Health. This rapid pivot into PPE manufacture exceeded all expectations as these shields were made in only 20 days and were comparable in quality to the commercial versions.