Performance Expectations Framework for Professional Staff

The Framework provides performance and career clarity for professional staff. The document may be used as a tool for PRD process and is comprised of the following three streams:

Individual Goals

Individual goals should be used to set and measure performance. Position descriptions and applicable Faculty/Divisional Corporate Plans are used when setting individual staff goals as part of the PRD process.

The Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework should be used as a tool to set and measure performance and drive career and capability development. The UON Leadership Framework applies to all professional and academic staff and comprises a set of principles that clearly outline the expected behaviours and characteristics required to successfully deliver UON's 2025 Vision.

Capability Matrix

The Capability Matrix (PDF, 186KB) can be used as a tool to drive career and capability development. The Capability Matrix describes the functional capabilities required to perform effectively as a higher education professional.

The continuum describes the progression of skills and knowledge from transactional and operational capability through to tactical and strategic capability.