Meet the 2019 recipients

IDS scholarship recipients 2019

2019 scholarship recipients, from left to right: Fiona Mundie, Amanda Budden, Imogen Harris-McNeill, Emily Keating.

Angela Budden

Angela Budden

Angela Budden

Project Officer - Regional Campuses

Angela will attend the Circles conference in Texas, visit the Savannah College of Art and Design to investigate the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in educational institutions for the purpose of improving student experience and student success.

“Along with getting some valuable new insights into the graphic design industry, this experience has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone by networking with industry peers, growing my researching skills, and learning new administrative skills.”

Angela’s interest in the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies to improve student communication and experience meant America was her destination of choice. She visited Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

“SCAD creatively uses augmented reality technology to blend digital and printed information in their student prospectus and have seen an increase in student admissions since. I wanted to explore how we might apply this in our new student guide The Essentials,” Angela said.

Angela also reached out to NYU and Columbia University to learn how visual communication has contributed to their delivery of an exceptional orientation experience. A visit to CUNY’s Lehman College gave her the opportunity to meet an industry peer and share experiences in designing for a student audience. Attending Circles, a graphic design conference in Dallas, Texas, provided insights into industry developments and trends, and was a great source of inspiration.

“My trip abroad was an incredible and eye-opening experience and I definitely encourage other staff to apply for the scholarship. It has been very fulfilling to pursue a topic of interest and to see examples from other universities,” Angela commented.

Emily Keating

Emily Keating

Emily Keating

Marketing Officer - Marketing and Communications

Emily will attend the CASE Annual Conference on Marketing and Branding which will explore market trends and innovative ways of developing and delivering engaging content in the higher education sector.

“You gain valuable international knowledge and experiences that are unique to your role and something you are able to customise around the projects you are working on. I met some incredible people, learnt many valuable lessons and was able to visit some amazing places!”

Emily travelled to America and Canada, forging international connections and learning about other institutions’ marketing practices.

She started her trip in Philadelphia, attending the CASE Marketing and Branding Conference where she was able to network with branding professionals, learn about current trends and hear from marketing experts in higher education.

She then went on to Temple University, Columbia University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, meeting with key contacts from various divisions to learn how they developed their brand architecture and communicate to their students and young alumni. At the University of Calgary, a university which markets itself in a similar way to the University of Newcastle, she gained insight into how they tell their research stories and how they promote their partnerships and sponsorships.

Back in Newcastle, the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program is just one of the projects Emily works on where she has been able to apply her learnings.

“The key theme throughout the CASE conference and a pivotal part of all of the projects I learnt about at the various universities was the importance of stakeholder engagement. It is vital to keep stakeholders engaged with regular input and communication to ensure a positive outcome that has the backing of the entire campus community,” Emily said.

Fiona Mundie

Fiona Mundie

Fiona Mundie

Project Officer - Regional Campusese

Fiona will visit four universities in the UK and attend the European First Year Experience Conference Optimising aiming to explore the creation of a best practice, whole-of-institution student association.

“The benefits of seeing how other institutions deal with (or eliminate) the same (or similar) issues that we experience is immensely beneficial. And establishing an international network in your field is a tremendous resource to be able to call on.”

Since late-2018, Fiona has been working on the Student Representation Structure Project which is due to go live this year. The aim of the project is to create a best-practice structure for a whole-of-institution student representative organisation.

As an International Development Scholarship recipient Fiona attended the European First Year Experience Conference at the Cork Institute of Technology. The conference focused on the critical window for student engagement and the role student associations and unions can play in supporting their parent institutions in extra-curricular activities that assist in retention of students.

Fiona also visited four institutions in the UK - Newcastle University, the University of Leeds, University of Sheffield and Loughborough University - that consistently demonstrate best practice in student engagement, experience and satisfaction through the activities of their student associations/unions.

“I absolutely achieved my goal which was to identify not only how the representative structures operate and are managed but also dig into how the relationship between the student association/union and the university proper was developed, how it currently functions, the mutual benefits and how it continues to be supported and develop,” Fiona said.

“My greatest takeaway was how fundamentally integrated student participation and representation are to decision making in UK institutions. The contacts I made, the level of access they gave me to their facilities and their generosity in terms of sharing information and time to go into detail about their structures and associate operational issues, the range of people from each host organisation (including so many students) was inspiring.”

Imogen Harris-McNeill

Imogen Harris-McNeill

Imogen Harris-McNeill

Engagement Officer - Office of the PVC Health and Medicine

Imogen will visit the National University of Singapore, a number of universities in the UK and attending the UK Council of Deans of health students leadership programme's networking event in London aiming to benchmark best practice in the development and implementation of innovative co-curricular employability, mentoring and leadership programs.

“My learnings from this trip will influence my work on a number of projects, they will allow me to improve our Faculty’s orientation offerings and transition programs and strengthen my ability to develop an innovative new co-curricular program for the Faculty’s undergraduate students, with the aim of producing capable, empowered students who can map their own student and employment journeys, and thereby increasing the employability of our graduates.”

Imogen travelled to the UK and Singapore to explore student engagement and preparing them for the workplace. Her time in the UK was spent consulting with a number of institutions, including the University of Leeds, the University of Bristol and the UK Council of Deans of Health. She also attended the European First Year Experience Conference at the Cork Institute of Technology.

Imogen sought opportunities to learn about best practice within health and medicine, across other STEMM fields, as well as institution-wide approaches, in two main areas:

  • The development and implementation of innovative co-curricular employability, mentoring and leadership programs;
  • The development of transition and orientation programs, as well as co-curricular support and extension programs for first year student retention and success. And in particular, strategies for the successful transition of students from non-traditional backgrounds and ‘at risk’ cohorts such as first-in-family, low SES, and students from disadvantaged communities.

At the National University of Singapore she learnt about their Think Tank Series – which brings together students with members of Faculty to discuss programs (academic and co-curricular) and provides an opportunity for students to be co-creators of their University experience – and Industry Sharing Series – organised for students and staff to dialogue with industry practitioners, who share their insights on trends, challenges and opportunities in their respective sectors.

“As a Faculty, we have had feedback from our students that they want opportunities to engage with new graduates in their health profession, to gain career advice and guidance from them, and to be mentored by health professionals. They also want opportunities to collaborate inter-professionally (across health disciplines), leadership training and leadership opportunities in order to learn how to work together as leaders in the health work place,” commented Imogen.

“The opportunity to visit other institutions and organisations and learn from (and be inspired by!) what they are doing is so valuable, not to mention the opportunity to build networks with others doing the same work as you the world over,” she said.