Active Travel

Active Travel focuses on physical activity (walking, cycling, and the use of public transport) as your transport mode as opposed to driving your car.  It has great health, financial and environmental benefits.

Active travel options are some of the most efficient and effective ways to incorporate regular exercise into our daily lives. By being active you can reduce many long-term health risks, enhance your mental and physical health and your well-being. You will also help our community by easing congestion on the transport network and reduce the environmental impacts associated.

Active Travel Guides

We have developed a range of Active Travel Guides for both the City campus and Callaghan


Walking is great exercise and is one of the best exercises for your complete health (physical, mental and social well-being)..

Cycling to UNI

Cycling 101 helps get you back into the seat with a snap shot of cycling and bike information.

No matter how we choose to travel – ride, drive or walk – the road is there for everyone to share.

For detailed information, visit Cycling to UNI page for all the safety and maintenance tips, plus great bike offers