Campus entry and V Building refurbishment

The Campus Entry and V Building (Mathematics) Refurbishment project is a significant investment by the UON and will deliver a unified and engaging physical environment that supports innovation in education and enhances student experience.

This project will breath new life into old spaces and create a strong campus entry that will support a range of social and learning activities. The partially SSAF funded refurbishments will create lively, dynamic and engaging physical environments for students and staff alike.

The project will include:

  • new classrooms designed to support Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL)
  • indoor student study spaces for both quiet and collaborate work
  • upgraded amenities throughout the building including a new lift to support those living with a disability
  • retail outlets and seating, creating a funky and vibrant place to catch up for coffee or a quick snack
  • major landscaping including all new paths and paving, improved lighting, and a range of formal and informal seating options to create the perfect place to catch up with friends, study or simply chill out.

The works will impact the normal operations of the campus entry and surrounding precinct including the diversion of pedestrians and an increase in heavy vehicle traffic.  One of our project priorities is the safety of the public, staff and students in and around the project work site so please adhere to the signage, instructions and directions from the UON project team, the building contractor and its representatives.

The project is due for completion mid 2019.