Managing email effectively

Email is one of the key communications tools used at UON but it does not need to get in the way of what you do best.

Knowing how to use email effectively and appropriately benefits both you and your colleagues.

The following MindTools articles outlines best practices and advice on email usage. While this information is general in nature it is applicable to UON's email client: Microsoft Outlook (UNify).

To read these articles:

  1. Login to MindTools using your UON staff Uni-ID and password, then
  2. come back to this page and click on the article links below.

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UON also uses an Instant Messaging (IM) tool: Microsoft's Skype for Business (Windows) / Microsoft Lync (Mac).

IM can be a more effective tool than email in certain scenarios and the following MindTools article is recommended: