Your responsibilities as a supervisor are outlined in the relevant Enterprise Agreement.

  1. Within 6 weeks of commencement, probationary terms should be provided and discussed with the staff member.
  1. You will be responsible for ongoing and regular assessment of the staff member's performance in relation to the duties outlined in the position description, the University of Newcastle Classification descriptors and compliance with University Policies and Code of Conduct.
  1. You will provide periodic counselling to confirm progress or identify any difficulties or concerns with the staff member.   If necessary, you should in consultation with the staff member and your HR Business Partner, develop strategies for resolution, including staff development.

All Academic and Professional staff probation discussions are recorded and managed through SuccessFactors.
Managers, supervisors and staff should log in appropriately throughout the probation period to update and reflect discussions.

Prior to the end of the probation period or at key anniversary points, line managers/supervisors are responsible for completing the final probation discussions and recommendation.