What is it?

ownCloud is a service provided by UON for researchers to store and work collaboratively on research data and documents. The initial allocation of storage is 100GB.

ownCloud is suitable for:

  • Storing research data - both initial/master copies and working copies. (Refer to Limitations table)
  • Information that is confidential such as non de-identified data
  • Information that, for ethical or privacy governance reasons, needs to be maintained on University owned and managed computing infrastructure physically located on campus
  • Instrument generated data files
  • Sharing selected data both within and externally to the University.

The University's ownCloud service is available to all University research staff and RHD students on request.

To request access, log a service request with the IT Service Desk. A member of the IT Services' ARCS team will contact you, confirm your research requirements and arrange an ownCloud user induction.

Your ownCloud access will be granted by the ARCS team.

User induction

The induction will cover the following aspects to ensure as an ownCloud user, you are aware of your responsibilities:

  • How to optimally configure desktop file synchronisation
  • Ramifications of sharing folders that are synchronised by multiple people
  • Click here to arrange ownCloud access for non-University Staff through the IT Service Portal.
  • Sharing folders and files with other users via a public link
Access your dataStore your data, files and folders on the UON's ownCloud server. 
Access them from your mobile device, desktop or a web browser - from wherever you are, whenever you need it.  
Sync your data

Keep your files synchronised across your devices.
One folder or many – get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choosing, at any time.

Share your dataShare your data securely with others.                          
Give them access to the information you want them to see, with or without passwords or time limits.

You don't need to be on campus to access your ownCloud data. If you have an Internet connection you  can use ownCloud via:

  • A web browser (https://owncloud.newcastle.edu.au).
  • Mapping as a drive on a Windows or MAC PC via WebDav.
  • A synchronised copy of all or selected data on your Windows, MAC or Linux PC (similar to Dropbox).
  • An App available on iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

By installing the ownCloud client on your desktop or laptop computer, you can sync your files, work on them offline - without an Internet connection - then sync them again to your ownCloud account.

All file and folder permissions are managed by the individual owners of the data within ownCloud. 

Granting of access is achieved by the owner of the data:

  • Sharing their files/folders with other registered ownCloud users; or
  • Sharing files or folders via a password protected public link.

If you require access to data belonging to other individuals or groups, you must request permission from the owner of the data.

The ARCS induction and ownCloud user documentation covers the procedure for sharing files and folders.

Limitations of ownCloudAlternative Solution
Extremely large files eg. individual files that are larger than 16GB.A storage file share should be requested (ie. a CIFS or NFS file share/export).
Data or files that are to be directly accessed by systems undertaking intensive analysis and modelling.Copy the data to be analysed from ownCloud to the processing system (eg. High Performance Grid); run the analysis/modelling job on the local copy of the data; and when completed, copy the resulting data/files back to ownCloud.
Synchronising folders to a desktop where the total folders/files synchronised exceeds 200GB

 Contact the ARCS team for advice.

Interactive and simultaneous document authoring with multiple people.Contact the ARCS team for advice.