Your Voice Champions

The Your Voice survey has been providing valuable insight into the employment experience at UON and informing workforce strategies and actions since 2003.

IT Services has recently nominated Champions who participated in the Focus Group held last 30 October 2016 to probe deeper into the issues confronting IT Services as identified in the recent Your Voice Survey conducted in 2015.

'Your Champions' are:

  • Adam Bird
  • Brian Taylor
  • Brian McGregor
  • Carey Steller
  • Jimi Reilly
  • Sheila Flores
  • Terry Punch and
  • Vanja Ivanovich

The team has identified / revalidated the following as the five main issues for IT Services:

  1. Respectful Workplace;
  2. Processes;
  3. Team Work;
  4. Staff Advancement (appraisals, career progression, learning);
  5. Workload.

The team is now preparing an Action Plan to address these issues and this will be submitted to the Resources Division for further presentation to our IT leaders and will be incorporated in an agreed Divisional Strategy and Action Plan for 2017. The Focus Group was a parallel activity sponsored by the Resources Division.