Guidelines for Equipment Selection for IT Services staff

IT Services staff will be issued with University equipment suitable to carry out their duties.

Except in exceptional circumstances (and subject to approval by AD or CIO):

  • Equipment will be selected from the standard, published e-catalogue
  • Equipment will only be replaced at end of lease cycle
  • Multi-purpose equipment must be selected rather than multiple items (e.g. mobile workers should select a Microsoft Surface rather than a laptop and an iPad)
  • Staff should select a laptop or tablet (mobile) option unless they have a specific desk-bound role (e.g. admin staff) to maximise flexibility
  • Staff should only select a Macintosh option if they are experienced and comfortable with the MacOS operating system or it is a requirement for their role
  • A maximum of two monitors only will be provided for each workstation

Mobile phones are subject to approval by COO and will only be issued where required for the intrinsic duties of the role.  By default, only the standard phones on the e-catalogue will be provided.