IT Services Mobile Framework Project

The Mobile Framework project currently being undertaken by IT Services is developing a personalised student facing campus mobile app platform that will be integrated into the University’s key backend systems. This will enable students to quickly and easily utilise features on the go, such as My Details (updatable), My Timetable (next class), PC Seeker (PC’s near me), Campus Maps and navigation and NuMail integration.

The Mobile Framework also seeks to support and enable Student Central and other users to create special purpose apps, quickly and easily using the platform. Over the next few weeks, the project team are engaging the student population through a Student User Experience Group. This group will be utilised to better understand the experience and features students want in a campus app.

The project team, consisting of Ankit Shaw, Alex Dare, Ben Carter, Brad Linsley and Carey Stellar, are piloting a potential Mobile Framework solution over the next few months.