IDMR Project update August - September 2016

The graceful retirement of SunIDM our identity management system is on the horizon! The IDMR project team are in the process of deploying phase 2 of the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), this will see the data identity management services for staff, affiliates and TAFE students migrated from SunIDM to FIM. A successful deployment will enable IT Services to provide identity management services to the University via a fully supported and functional system that meets the business' needs. In addition all UON staff, TAFE students and affiliates will benefit from improved self-service password management,  account activation services and HR online password synchronisation.

Deployment is scheduled for Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th September 2016.

The following services will be UNAVAILABLE for the duration of the deployment window:

  • Staff, Student and Affiliate On boarding:  New accounts provisioning and activation for all  students, staff and affiliates.
  • Self-service password changes/resets:  Staff, affiliates and students  self-service password reset or changes.
    • NOTE: The service desk will take emergency staff and students password reset requests via 17000  8am to 6pm for the week of deployment.
  • IDM/FIM access: Identity administration activities such as group assignments, account termination, extension and password resets etc.
    • NOTE: Limited access will be granted to specific service desk personnel to process emergency account extension and termination requests in AD during deployment.
  • Identity updates from Nustar and Alesco: Active Directory and other integrated downstream systems will not receive changes to name, termination date, occupancy changes etc.

A communications and training campaign will commence in the coming weeks, in the meantime any questions or concerns can be raised with Peter Hanlan on ex 54374.