Feedback & Transparency - September 2016

Thank You Note

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. No thank you email, just thank you chocolates instead. Trish got one as well. (Thank you to Jason Pritchell - Interactive Technologies Technician and Patricia Bisland - Video Conferencing Support Specialist, pictured above)

Glenda Bull
Administrative Assistant, Office PVC

Joslyn Leis
Personal Assistant, Office PVC

I just wanted to say thank you (Tristan Isaacs) for your help.
As a “newbie”, it’s great that you were able to see what I was asking for. You could have easily said “not correct, start again”, but you didn’t. Instead, you created the correct Request for me, and got me on the right track.
I appreciate your help and information – it has helped me to understand things better.

Andrew Ireland
Data Migration Specialist

Thanks very much for your (Rhys Hughes) assistance on this. Very much appreciate your prompt action despite short notice!

Sheila Flores
Executive Officer

Just wanted to let you know that Pete (Grehan) has been very helpful with the Standardised System testing.  He has taken ownership and is running with the testing and managing issues.  It has been greatly appreciated!

Paul Berude
Project Manager