Feedback & Transparency - October 2016

Thank you (Peter Grehan) so very much for your kind and professional help  both yesterday and today, this has been much appreciated by all staff here at CBMHR!

Trudi Pryor

Centre for Brain & Mental Health Research

I just wanted to sincerely thank you (Leanne Gray) for your incredible efforts last Wednesday at 'Digital Sparks'. I appreciate the mammoth task that you were presented with and have to say how appreciative I am at the dedication and 'staying power' you all showed to support us in this event. I think what was most impressive was the very genuine interest you showed in all the projects and the way each of you gave that extra bit of time, stood and listened attentively while 'earnest little faces' explained their projects to each of you.

Thank-you for your time and professionalism - I know that each of you were extremely busy that day and it was very generous of all of you to support this event. The kids really appreciated it as well.

Wendy Cheek

Principle, The Junction Public School

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