Entertainment expenses recommendations

The Resources Division’s Directors Group has agreed to the follow recommendations to reduce non-essential expenditure on food and beverage expenses:

  • Business lunches with external parties should be kept to a minimum and should be pre-approved by the relevant Director.
  • As a rule, meetings should not be arranged over the lunch period (12noon – 2pm) unless no other option exists and the meeting is urgent.  Approval to supply lunches is at the discretion of the relevant Director.
  • UON credit cards should not be used for coffee meetings/catch ups unless an external party is involved.
  • UON credit cards should not be used (on or off campus) for lunches or coffee meetings between UON staff.
  • UON credit cards should not be used for Morning/afternoon teas of a personal nature (i.e farewells, birthdays etc).
  • Purchases of flowers for any reason must be approved by the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Kitchen supplies should be purchased through the approved supplier (COS) and be limited to those items listed in the policy.
  • When using a UON credit card for legitimate food and beverage purchases at any venue, the UON delegations specify (1.7.3) that the most senior UON officer must pay for the expenditure.

The Credit Card Policy and Delegations Schedules are located on the UON web and should be read in conjunction with the above recommendations from the Resources Division’s Directors Group.