Change Calendar Release

As part of the scheduled release of enhancements for serviceUON on 12 September, the new change calendar became available. The calendar shows all changes, including blackout, freeze and maintenance periods. It will be updated in real time as change tickets are lodged in serviceUON. Change types are made visually distinguishable by their colour and additional information about each change can be seen by simply hovering over the information icon next to the change. The colours correspond to those in the Change Type Matrix (Table 2) of the IT Change Management Quick Reference Guide, with the addition of purple and dark blue chosen to represent an emergency and retrospective change.

The change calendar provides more information to change implementers. It allows them to make more informed decisions when scheduling changes and provides the Service Desk with an up to date schedule of all changes to assist them with identifying change related incidents. Staff involved in requesting changes are encouraged to raise a change ticket as early as possible – even if it is a placeholder for something that may happen well into the future so that the calendar remains as effective as possible.

For more information, please contact Peter Stevens, Change and Release Coordinator.