Single Sign-on

What is happening?

UON is moving towards a “Single Sign-On” solution to improve your connected experience. Currently you are prompted to login to each UON application separately. As Single Sign-On is implemented, you will be required to log in less often and eventually, only once or not at all.

* Your login experience will vary depending on whether you are using a UON managed computer (e.g. staff computer, computer in student lab) or an unmanaged computer (e.g.your personally owned device, and if you are on the UON campus network or connecting externally.)

IT Services has selected the industry-leading Okta solution to deliver single sign on capability.

What will change?

You will no longer be required to login to applications that have been migrated to the Single Sign-On environment, if you are using an IT Services’ managed computer. Your credentials will be automatically recognized and you will be directed to your application as normal. You won’t be asked to login again whilst on a UON computer and network.

If you are on a device that is not managed by IT Services, you will be presented with a new login page, (click here for an example screenshot) and use your UniID to sign on as usual.

Who does this affect?

All students and staff will benefit from this change as applications are progressively moved to the Single Sign-On environment.

When is it happening?

The current schedule for applications moving into single sign on environment is:

  • Library – Late March 2018
  • UON Print/My PrintCopy – Late March 2018
  • RELAIS [“get it” University of Newcastle Library] – Late March 2018
  • Discover [staff learning and development portal] – Late March 2018
  • CKP [Change Known Password] – Late March 2018
  • NEXUS [researcher web profile] – Late March 2018
  • DUI [Data Upload Interface] – Late March 2018
  • D2C [Degrees to Careers] – Late March 2018
  • Fraedom [card expense management] – Coming Soon

IT Services will continue to migrate other applications to Single Sign-On throughout 2018 and provide updates.

How can I get help or support?

If you are having difficulties, please click here for a support guide. If you are still having trouble, please contact the IT Service Desk on 17000 (internal call) or 4921 7000 (external call) between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday on University working days.