Christmas closedown

Each year the University closes down for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

The Christmas closedown period is usually announced in early December each year.

The Christmas closedown is important to reduce the leave accruals of all staff and it helps to ensure staff remain healthy and have a good work life balance.

Pro Vice-Chancellors and Heads of Division have discretion regarding exemptions to the closedown. Priority will be given to staff with low accruals when providing skeleton staffing in areas, particularly where there are operational needs that must be met.

Leave without pay

Staff will not be forced to take leave without pay to cover the Christmas closedown. However, if a staff member has no annual leave but has long service leave they will need to use their Long Service Leave.

Christmas closedown dates 2017/2018

18/12/2017MondayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
19/12/2017TuesdayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
20/12/2017WednesdayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
21/12/2017ThursdayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
22/12/2017FridayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
25/12/2017MondayChristmas Day - Public holiday
26/12/2017TuesdayBoxing Day - Public holiday
27/12/2017WednesdayUniversity Concession Day
28/12/2017ThursdayUniversity Concession Day
29/12/2017FridayUniversity Concession Day
01/01/2018MondayNew Year's Day - Public holiday
02/01/2018TuesdayChristmas closedown (access own leave)
03/01/2018WednesdayUniversity re-opens

While most staff are encouraged to use annual leave, for those with low balances the following applies:

Leave without pay

We will not force staff to take leave without pay to cover the Christmas closedown. However, if a staff member has no annual leave but has significant long service leave they will be encouraged to use the Long Service Leave.

Flextime and time off in lieu

If a staff member has a large amount of flextime and time off in lieu these may be used during the period in addition to annual and long service leave. See flextime or time off in lieu for more information.


If you feel you may suffer undue hardship due to the closedown, you are encouraged to raise this issue with your immediate supervisor. If concerns continue you are welcome to contact your Human Resources Business Partner for assistance.

Leave applications

As the closedown will not affect everyone in the same way, you need to apply for all leave using HRonline.

Please ensure that an out of office message is placed on all phones and email addresses to ensure our partners, clients and customers are aware that we are closed.

The campus will be operating on an out of normal hours basis:

  • You cannot assume that air-conditioning will be switched on, or doors unlocked.
  • Security Services will continue as normal over the close down.
  • Mail services will be operating but at the reduced rate of one delivery per day and may be made to the central administrative areas rather than distributed through buildings.
  • While the central stores will be open, please do not order items that would need delivery during the close down unless it is unavoidable.
  • Maintenance staff will be on campus as maintenance projects are being carried out.