Workplace health

We try to keep everyone safe and healthy while at work. We have the following information and services to help you return home safely after each day.

Mental Health Plan

Workforce Mental Health Plan

The University of Newcastle's commitment to providing a safe, healthy and equitable University environment is captured in our Workforce Mental Health Plan, which is open for ongoing feedback from staff. Under the Healthy University Scheme the Workforce Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan provides an organisational approach to improving the Mental Health and Wellbeing of our workforce.

Dealing with issues in the workplace

We are a respectful and collaborative workplace free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. However, find out what to do if you do have an issue.

Work health and safety

We have a range of programs to ensure you are kept safe while at work and deal with any hazards quickly.

Make email work training

An online training module that goes through the most effective ways to structure, store and file your emails.

Time management

Tips and strategies for saving time and working more effectively and efficiently.

Adjusting to change

Resources being developed and will be added soon.

Mind Tools Connect

Access to more than 1,000 leadership and management development resources, with tools and techniques to help you excel in your career, become exceptionally effective, be a great manager and leader and happier at work.

Resilience: What is it?

Resources being developed and will be added soon.


Considering retirement? Check out your options regarding volunteering.