Frequently asked questions


Sessional employees are staff engaged by the hour and paid on an hourly basis.

All sessional academic staff will receive a Letter of Offer from the University. If you work across multiple Schools and or locations you will receive a Letter of Offer for each. Letters of Offer are generally offered at the start of the year and are valid for the entire year to ensure continuity of your Information Systems access such as UON email, Blackboard and Library services. Hours of work are allocated by the School and you will be provided Timetable information accordingly.

University staff are paid every second Thursday. Most academic staff will receive their payslip in HRonline. This includes both full and part time, ongoing and contract staff, and sessional/casual staff who have accepted the terms and conditions of computing access.

Payslips will be mailed to your postal address if: you are sessional/casual and did not accept the terms and conditions of computing access; you take leave for more than three months; you leave the University, they will be mailed to your postal address

To make sure you are paid on time, you will need to submit your timesheets before the cut off dates each fortnight.

To claim hours for payment you will need to submit timesheets through HROnline, access instructions here

All timesheets must be referred on for approval (usually the School Executive Officer or nominated Appointment Coordinator for casual academics)

Staff will be notified by email about when payment summaries are available to be downloaded from HRonline. Sessional academic staff and those who have left employment will receive their hardcopy summary via post.

Rates of pay

The rates of pay vary depending on your staff classification.

Salary increases are determined through enterprise bargaining and reflected in our enterprise agreements.

Casual staff timesheets

Timesheets are to be completed by sessional/casual academic and professional staff. If you are not employed on a casual basis, you do not need to complete a timesheet. Timesheets are completed in HROnline. For HROnline help please click here.

HRonline cut off dates for submission of online timesheets (PDF, 250KB)

If you do not have access to HRonline, please follow the steps in new staff computing accounts. For more resources, visit the UON Academy website.


There are circumstances where you may be entitled to an allowance for the tasks or role you perform. Please consult your enterprise agreement for more information.


Most academic and professional staff will receive their payslips in HRonline. This includes both full and part time, ongoing and contract staff, and sessional/casual staff who have accepted the terms and conditions of computing access.

Payslips will be mailed to your postal address if:

  • you are sessional/casual and did not accept the terms and conditions of computing access
  • you leave the University, your final payslip will be mailed to your postal address

Requests for documentation

Requests for documentation (such as Statement of Service, payslip copies, letters to banks, Employment Separation Certificates, copies of payment summaries etc) should be made via email to

Please allow two working days for these requests to be actioned.

End of financial year

Please be aware of changes to the way you receive your income details for tax purposes.

Your end-of-year payment summary (formerly known as a ‘group certificate’) is now called an income statement and will be available through the myGov website or your tax agent – not through HR Online.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is calling this Single Touch Payroll.

Those with a myGov account will receive an inbox message from the ATO when this has been processed, after which you can lodge your tax return. Your account will be marked as ‘tax ready’.

We have attached a useful flyer that explains the changes and provides information on how to set up a myGov account, if you do not already have one.

We have also anticipated some likely questions.

Why is this changing?

The Commonwealth Government has introduced Single Touch Payroll reporting so you can get an up-to-date summary of your PAYG income and tax (and superannuation) throughout the year.

What is myGov?

myGov is a single entry access portal to online government services, including the ATO.

Do I need a myGov account?

Yes, to access your income statement you require an active myGov account.

When can I lodge my Tax Return?

It's important to wait until the University submits your information and marks your information as ‘tax ready’ before you lodge a tax return. If you lodge your tax return before your income statement is tax ready, you may need to lodge an amendment and in some cases, additional tax and interest may be payable. Remember to make sure all income is included when lodging your tax return.

Will Payment Summaries be available in HRonline and posted to casual staff and ex-employees this year?

No, Payment Summaries will no longer be provided. The ATO requires us to provide the information for you to access through myGov only.

Who do I contact for help?

Single Touch Payroll is an ATO Initiative. Please contact the ATO for information and assistance.

Useful links

The ATO have a Single Touch Payroll website:

Creating a My Gov Account:

UON staff enjoy competitive salaries and superannuation benefits.

As there are a range of leave options depending on your needs and employment type please refer to Leave pages on our website for all leave-related questions.

On each contract the end date is written and all timesheets must be submitted prior to this end date.

IT access is only given until the contract expiry date. If access is needed past this date then an affiliate user form may be needed. This is subject to approval based on individual requirements.

Once the contract is renewed all IT access will be reinstated for the new period.

Please refer to the HROnline FAQs for further information.

UON offers attractive superannuation arrangements for staff. Our UON approved superannuation provider is UniSuper Limited. As the University's Enterprise Agreements specify that contributions are made to UniSuper, Choice of Fund is not available to staff employed under these Agreements.

Additional voluntary contributions can also be made either pre or post tax. Salary packaging is available to all staff in accordance with the Salary Packaging Policy (PDF, 136KB).

UniSuper provides an on-campus consultant to help with information and general advice about UniSuper membership and their range of products. If you’d like to book an appointment with Andrew Syarief from UniSuper, all you have to do is access the UniSuper online booking system. For more information please contact Andrew Syarief on 0427 303 578

Staff will be notified by email about when payment summaries are available to be downloaded from HRonline. Sessional academic staff and those who have left employment will receive their hardcopy summary via post.


Your NUcard is your staff ID card while at UON. This card gives you access to the library and if you apply for approval, is used as your electronic access card to restricted rooms and spaces.

All staff, including conjoint staff, need to get an ID card and carry it with you when on campus or at a UON facility. You can carry your card in your bag or wallet or if you need it frequently you can request a lanyard when your card is created.

How to get a staff ID card

Bring photo ID such as a driver's licence or passport and your staff number to one of the locations below. If you do not have photo ID you will need to bring 100 points of identification (PDF, 25KB). Cards will be created on the spot.


Newcastle campus (Callaghan)

Newcastle City precinct

Central Coast campus (Ourimbah)

Other locations (Port Macquarie, Sydney CBD, Orange, Singapore etc)

Please complete a staff ID request form (PDF, 79KB).

IT and computing services support first-rate information technology facilities, networks and services for teaching, learning, research and administration activities.

HROnline for human resources and employment information.

Maximo is used for a range of facilities management requests.

17TripleZero Service Portal is used for logging all IT request.

For teaching technology:

UONline is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is a collection of technologies used to provide online learning spaces, deliver online content and activities and facilitate online communication and collaboration to support teaching and learning at the University, including:

Blackboard – UONCapture Turnitin University Academic Integrity Model (AIM)

CTL provide resources to help with classroom technology

CTech provide a range of technical help and practical support for teaching technologies.

The BOLD team can provide advice or assistance with moving your course materials and activities into a partial or fully online environment.

When you start at UoN you are allocated a six digit staff number in our HR and Payroll system. This will be included in the letter sent to you before you start. Your manager or supervisor can give you your staff number on your first day, if you don't have the letter.

You use this staff number to create your unique Uni-ID and password, which are your key to accessing our computers and online systems.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the NUaccess Activate User Account utility for Staff.

  2. Enter your Staff Number and Date of Birth.
  3. Click the checkbox beside “I’m not a robot”. A Captcha test will appear.
  4. Complete the Captcha test by clicking all appropriate images that meet the request at the top of the test and then click Verify.
  5. Click Next once you have successfully completed the Captcha test.
  1. The Terms and Conditions of Use page will now be displayed. You must accept the University Computing and Communications Facilities Terms and Conditions in order to finish activating your account and access any University systems or services.

    Accept terms of Use

  2. Read the policy, and click the I Accept button if you agree to these conditions.
  1. The Set Password will now be displayed

IDMR P_word 1

  1. Enter a new password, re-enter your new password to confirm and click Save.
  2. The Account Activation Complete page will now be displayed.
  3. Your staff user account is now active and ready to use.

IDMR P_word 1

  • In the event you can't remember your password, and want to reset it, you can do so anytime, anywhere by using the NUaccess Reset Forgotten Password utility. To register for this service, click HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: UON students should click HERE to access the NUaccess Reset Forgotten Password utility for students. Affiliates should contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

The library offers many services including library classes, computers, study spaces, research guides and borrowing.


Enhancing the student experience and student satisfaction through addressing issues raised in student feedback is a key strategic objective for the University of Newcastle. The Strategy, Planning and Performance (SPP) team administers the Course Experience Survey (CES) to gather student perceptions of their experiences in individual courses. This includes onshore and offshore semester, trimester and seasonal (Summer/Winter) courses. Ongoing feedback from students on their course experiences helps highlight what is being done well and further areas for focus.

The CES replaces the Student Feedback on Courses (SFC) and Student Feedback on Teaching (SFT) surveys used prior to 2020. In the CES, students are asked about the course generally, then are prompted to select any teachers in the course that they would like to provide feedback specifically. For each teacher they select, students complete a series of questions comprising the teacher feedback.


Course Experience Booklet for Staff

How to increasing Response Rates

CES Promotion Slide Pack