Venues for lecture capture

The following venues have been enabled for Capture:

Lecture Capture - Usually a larger venue that captures recordings from the lectern PC or any other device plugged in (eg. laptop/visualiser etc). Audio is captured via the PC ,microphone audio; lapel mic and/or lectern mic

Dual Screen Lecture Capture - A Lecture Capture venue (as above) that captures the rooms dual projections i.e. if two images are being presented simultaneously via two projectors, both images will be recorded.

Classroom Capture - Classroom Capture is normally a tutorial room that captures lectern PC display and audio (only) from the boundary microphone (USB, omni-directional pickup of 2-4m). This setup does not capture laptop or document camera inputs, nor lectern PC audio.

Select your campus below:

Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capabilities
ADS102Architecture Design StudioLecture Capture
ADS103Architecture Design StudioLecture Capture
ADS218Architecture Design StudioLecture Capture
ADS219Architecture Design StudioClassroom Capture
ATC210Advanced Technology CentreLecture Capture
ATG25Art BuildingLecture Capture
AVG14Psychology BuildingClassroom Capture
BAG01Basden TheatreLecture Capture
BSC126Building ScienceLecture Capture
C124Chemistry BuildingLecture Capture
CT202Computer & Information Sciences (CT Building)Dual Screen Lecture Capture
DB212Drama BuildingClassroom Capture
DT103Drama TheatreClassroom Capture
EAG01Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
EA101Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
EA102Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
EFG02Engineering ES BuildingLecture Capture
EFG20Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
ES203Engineering ES BuildingLecture Capture
ES204Engineering ES BuildingLecture Capture
ES206Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
ES209Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
ES238Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
ES247Engineering ES BuildingClassroom Capture
ES305Engineering ES BuildingLecture Capture
G101Earth SciencesClassroom Capture
G111Earth SciencesClassroom Capture
GP101General Purpose BuildingDual Screen Lecture Capture
GP201General Purpose BuildingLecture Capture
GP212General Purpose BuildingClassroom Capture
GPLG01General Purpose BuildingClassroom Capture
GPLG02General Purpose BuildingClassroom Capture
HA16Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA55Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA58Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA142Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA145Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA149Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HA152Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HB13Hunter BuildingLecture Capture
HB15Hunter BuildingLecture Capture
HC01Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HC02Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HC11Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HC19Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HD01Griffith Duncan TheatreLecture Capture
HE10Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HE28Hunter BuildingClassroom Capture
HPE202Heath and Physical Education BuildingClassroom Capture
HPE203Heath and Physical Education BuildingLecture Capture
HPE209Heath and Physical Education BuildingClassroom Capture
ICT328Information and Communications Technology BuildingLecture Capture
LSTH100Life Sciences TheatreLecture Capture
MC102McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MC110McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MC132McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCG28CMcMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCG29McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCG61McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCLG56McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCLG59McMullin BuildingClassroom Capture
MCTH100McMullin TheatreLecture Capture
MS104Medical Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
MS106Medical Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
MS202Medical Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
MSW105Medical Sciences West BuildingLecture Capture
PG08Physics BuildingLecture Capture
PG12Physics BuildingClassroom Capture
RW149Nursing Theatre (Richardson Wing)Lecture Capture
RW203Richardson WingClassroom Capture
RW204Richardson WingClassroom Capture
RW230Richardson WingClassroom Capture
SAS205Birabhan BuildingClassroom Capture
SAS206Birabhan BuildingClassroom Capture
SAS207Birabhan BuildingClassroom Capture
SEG40ASpecial Education CentreClassroom Capture
ISABELLASIsabellas Restaurant (SH)Classroom Capture
SRG01Social Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
SRG02Social Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
SRG03Social Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
SRG09Social Sciences BuildingLecture Capture
SR192Social Sciences BuildingClassroom Capture
STHG01Science TheatreLecture Capture
VG01Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
VG02Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
VG07Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
VG10Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
V101Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
V102Mathematics BuildingClassroom Capture
V103Mathematics BuildingClassroom Capture
V104Mathematics BuildingClassroom Capture
V107Mathematics BuildingLecture Capture
V109Mathematics BuildingClassroom Capture
V111Mathematics BuildingClassroom Capture
W104Behavioural Sciences BuildingClassroom Capture
W105Behavioural Sciences BuildingClassroom Capture
W202Behavioural Sciences BuildingClassroom Capture
W218Behavioural Sciences BuildingClassroom Capture
W308Behavioural Sciences BuildingLecture Capture


Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capabilities
CA112The CastleLecture Capture
CN1103Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN1104Classroom NorthLecture Capture
CN1105Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN1106Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN2101Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN2102Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN2103Classroom NorthClassroom Capture
CN2104Classroom NorthLecture Capture
CN2105Classroom NorthLecture Capture
CS103Classroom SouthLecture Capture
CS106Classroom SouthClassroom Capture
CS201Classroom SouthLecture Capture
CS202Classroom SouthClassroom Capture
CS218Classroom SouthClassroom Capture
CS219Classroom SouthClassroom Capture
EN112Education and NursingClassroom Capture
EXSA102Exercise ScienceLecture Capture
IRC113(AV3)Information Resource CentreLecture Capture
LT101Lecture Theatre 1Lecture Capture
LT102Lecture Theatre 2Dual Screen Lecture Capture
MP106Multi Purpose TeachingLecture Capture
TO132Technology OfficesClassroom Capture
TO133Technology OfficesClassroom Capture
Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capability
UNH138University HouseClassroom Capture
UNH143University HouseClassroom Capture
UNH240University HouseClassroom Capture
UNH241University HouseClassroom Capture
UNH416University HouseDual Screen Lecture Capture
UNH419University HouseDual Screen Lecture Capture
UNH421University HouseDual Screen Lecture Capture
XG18NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X101NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X110NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X201NeW SpaceDual Screen Lecture Capture
X202NeW SpaceDual Screen Lecture Capture
X204NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X205NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X207NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X208NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X301NeW SpaceDual Screen Lecture Capture
X302NeW SpaceDual Screen Lecture Capture
X401NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X402NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X502NeW SpaceDual Screen Lecture Capture
X601NeW SpaceLecture Capture
X602NeW SpaceLecture Capture
Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capability
ELI103SydneyClassroom Capture
ELI116SydneyClassroom Capture
ELI119SydneyClassroom Capture
ELI225SydneyClassroom Capture
ELI226SydneyClassroom Capture
ELI115SydneyLecture Capture
ELI122SydneyLecture Capture
ELI123SydneyLecture Capture
ELI224SydneyLecture Capture
ELI229SydneyLecture Capture
Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capability
G02Tamworth Education CentreDual Screen Lecture Capture
TutRm110Tamworth Education Centre Classroom Capture
TutRm114Tamworth Education CentreClassroom Capture
Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capability
Seminar RoomManning Education CentreClassroom Capture
Tutorial Room 1Manning Education CentreClassroom Capture
Tutorial Room 5Manning Education CentreClassroom Capture
Room NumberDescriptionRecording Capability
DG27D AnnexClassroom Capture
JG01J AnnexLecture Capture
JG02J AnnexLecture Capture
CN2101J AnnexClassroom Capture
K1KLecture Capture
K2KLecture Capture