UONCapture is our new lecture capture and video management system powered by Panopto that has replaced *Echo360.  You will still be able to access your old Echo360 recordings until May 2020 by clicking HERE

UONCapture technology is available in centrally timetabled 40+ seat teaching spaces. Desktop recording software is also available for the creation of audio-visual instructional resources.  New capabilities in the software include the ability to record multiple screens, additional web cams, and content from mobile devices.

The University's Lecture Recording 'All-In' Policy was updated on the 31st January 2019. Amendments have been made to reflect new recording archiving timeframes, new functionality in Panopto and a new requirement to seek permission to reuse lecture recordings as non face-to-face content.

Some of the benefits of Panopto include:

  • Automated: To support the Lecture Recording ‘All-In’ Policy, all timetabled 'Lectures' that occur in equipped centrally timetabled 40+ seat teaching spaces will be automatically scheduled for capture, eliminating the need to request this prior to teaching. Other teaching activities such as ‘Tutorials’, ‘Lectorials’, ‘Seminars’, ‘Workshops’, etc. will not be automatically scheduled for recording and will need to be requested separately by contacting the UONline Support Team.
  • Versatile: Panopto can capture anything on your computer screen (from PowerPoint slides to complex animations), document cameras, and video from just about any camera.
    All equipped teaching spaces will have the ability to record each audio/visual device that is available to use (Lectern PC, document camera, BYOD, microphones, etc.). The teaching space will also have a recording light to indicate the state of recording.
    Once captured, recordings are processed into an interactive, searchable web format, as well as audio and video podcasts that students can watch on any device.
  • Enhanced Student Experience: Students will be able to view and download all recorded video streams, add notes and bookmarks timestamped contextually to the video and use Panopto’s smart search to pinpoint important moments in the videos.
  • Blackboard Integration: Content created by or uploaded to Panopto will be automatically published to Blackboard Course Site(s)** for students to access.
    Video content can be embedded in-line with your course materials or be made available as a playlist for students to watch.
  • Manageable: Panopto helps ensure that all recordings are captured and stored in compliance with the Universities Lecture Recording ‘All-In’ Policy. A wide range of reports can also be generated to help you understand how your recordings are being viewed.
    Panopto also has both basic and advanced content editing features.
  • Searchable: Panopto automatically indexes all of your recordings so that students can find and fast-forward to words that are mentioned in the lecture, displayed on-screen, or that appear anywhere else in the video.

Find out more about Panopto

An overview of Panopto can be found on the company’s website, as well a rich library of user documentation and guides on their support pages.

For sample Panopto videos and presentations, please see:

Other Panopto Resources:

Staff Information Sessions

UONCapture Staff Information Sessions will demonstrate the new technology and address commonly asked questions. The sessions are being advertised in UONline (BlackBoard) and will run online via Collaborate Ultra.

For more information go to:  UONline

*Echo360 content will be available to download until the end of May 2020.

** Panopto content stored in Blackboard Course Site folders will be retained for a 12 month period and then will be permanently deleted.


If you have any questions about Panopto, please contact the UONline Support Team on extension 17101 or via email:  uonline@newcastle.edu.au