UONline Support - Staff can use UoNline to assist in teaching; providing online learning spaces, content & activities, enabling communication and collaboration.

UONline for staff

UONline is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE is a collection of technologies used to provide online learning spaces, deliver online content and activities and facilitate online communication and collaboration to support teaching and learning at the University, including:

Blackboard – Web-based learning management system used to help facilitate the online interactions between staff and students and their learning and teaching activities.

Blackboard Mobile Learn – Free mobile application (app) that enables interactive access to Blackboard course sites via a compatible mobile device.

Blackboard Collaborate – Enables web-conferencing, collaboration, instant messaging and voice tools via seamless integration with Blackboard course sites. A Blackboard Collaborate mobile app is available for web conferencing sessions on the go.

Echo360 – System that provides access to recordings of lectures or other video-based resources prepared by lecturers. Lecture recordings are made available via Blackboard course sites.  View a list of venues with Echo360 recording capabilities.  Book an Echo360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 Personal Capture – Staff can create presentations at their desktop using Echo360 Personal Capture.  Presentations are processed and published to Blackboard course sites just as a capture room lecture would be.  To have Personal Capture installed on your University desktop computer or laptop, log a request via the 17Triplezero IT Service Portal.  Request an Echo Centre via the Personal Capture Booking form.

Turnitin – A text-matching program used at the University that provides feedback on referencing in written work.  To submit work to Turnitin and view an originality report, access needs to be enabled by Course Coordinators or Lecturers within a Blackboard course site.

University Academic Integrity Model (AIM) – An online test that provides information on, and tests knowledge of general academic integrity concepts that are required to complete all programs of study at the University. All students must complete and achieve a 100 per cent pass before the end of their first enrolment period.

UONline Focus - UONline Focus is a staff awareness program run by staff from the Academic Technologies team of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.  Focus topics will address common questions that are often asked by academic staff.  Sessions provide an avenue for demonstrating new tools or features available in UONline that may help to inform staff when planning Blackboard course design and online activities.  Proposed Session Schedule

UONline Support

UoNline supportThe UONline Support team provide 'just in time' help for academics for the teaching and learning technologies available in UoNline.

These include Blackboard, Echo360, Turnitin and Collaborate. Support is provided via phone, email or individual/small group consultations. Customised workshops can also be conducted to meet the specific requirements for your course, school or faculty.