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The Learning Design and Teaching Innovation team has a number of resources to give you ideas, direction and help with your teaching.

If you are looking for something that isn't here, contact LDTI for more resources and personalised advice.

You can use these activities to help engage learners with the content, tasks and assignments you've prepared for your course.  Some of the below resources have been adapted for use with NetSupport School* in our pilot New Space rooms

Chain Notes *

Plus/Minus/Interesting *

Polls and Surveys *

Response *

Storyboarding *

Think-Pair-Share *

One-Minute Paper *

The 5 Whys *

Muddiest Point *

KWHL Chart *


Questions for Leading Discussions

Class Discussion

Discussion Facilitation Techniques

Effective Online Discussion

Blogs - 7 things

Jigsaw Learning Activity

Using Clickers

These resources can help with the integration of technology into your classroom.

Using Clickers

Desktop Video production

Desktop Video production tips for students

Video Conferencing


Using a lapel microphone in lectures

Additional resources are available in UONline (Blackboard) under the 'HELP for Staff' tab.

Room SR-G01 on the Callaghan campus is one of our latest NeW Space project rooms. It is equipped with 12 student work tables equipped with Epson data projectors to facilitate collaborative learning activities. Below are some general resources to introduce the SMART Notebook software that can be used for learning activities. Please also contact the Blended and Online Learning Design (BOLD) team if you¹d like to to discuss ideas and resources for incorporating SMART Notebook if your teaching in this space.

Video can be a powerful medium to engage students and effectively communicate complex information in a rich and meaningful way.  Below are some resources to help you get started with using Video.

Using Video flowchart


Audio tips

Filming and production tips

Smart phone video tips

Student submission of video assignments


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