SFUN 2020

What is the SFUN

The Student Feedback on the University of Newcastle (SFUN) survey covers everything from getting to campus, safety and security, health and wellbeing services, timetabling, food and retail outlets and more.

What can I win?

Choose any number of the following prizes. An extra entry is available to participants that complete additional sections of the survey.

Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources Tour (for you and a friend)

Right now, NIER researchers are working on innovative new technologies that could become commonly used products in future energy, water, agribusiness and minerals industries. Join NIER Executive Director, Professor Alan Broadfoot for this personal tour around the industrial research facilities of NIER, and see for yourself some of the pilot scale test beds and world-class research infrastructure being used to solve some of the global environmental and economical problems of the future.

Nubots Lab tour with Dr Alexandre Mendes (for you and a friend)

The NUbots team develops autonomous humanoid robots for soccer playing and competes every year in the international RoboCup competition. PUNY HUMAN! Pit your skills against a small human sized robot... Or maybe just have an extremely entertaining visit learning about the innovation and other real-world applications of this research.

Anatomy Lab tour with Dr Lisa Wood (for you and a friend)

For those of us outside the biomedical and health fields, the anatomy lab holds an aura of mystery. Well unlock that mystery in a guided tour for two. Learn how the human body is collected, dissected, preserved, stored and studied in our state of the art Anatomy Lab. The tour includes insight into the design considerations that were required to build this facility. Not for the squeamish!\

i3 Lab: iDome experience with  Associate Professor Karen Blackmore (for you and a friend)

Attention gamers! The i3Lab iDome experience takes interaction to the next level. From VR headsets to the 180 degree iDome screen, you’ll enjoy experiencing games using the latest display technology, as well as hearing about some of the interesting research projects we have in the lab.

Marine Science Use an Underwater Drones with Associate Professor Troy Gaston (for you and a friend)

Learn about the application of underwater remote technologies in advancing Marine Science with Dr Vincent Raoult and Associate Professor Troy Gaston and experience first-hand how to operate an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) in a marine environment.

Radiopharmacy Lab tour with Melissa Shields (for you and a friend)

Tour the university's purpose-built Radiopharmacy Laboratory and see the incredible work we are doing in researching and teaching Nuclear Medicine - see how we measure radiation, how we get our radionuclides from a generator system, how we reconstitute radiopharmaceuticals and prepare a Sirspheres injection that is injected into liver tumours to irradiate and kill them.

Cancer Research Lab tour with Cancer Research Lab with  Dr Manish Kumar and Isabella Moore (for you and a friend)

Meet Dr Manish Kumar and Isabella Moore in the Cancer Research Laboratory and learn more about how they are developing new treatments to improve outcomes for cancer patients suffering from female reproductive cancers such as cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, fallopian and vulvar cancers. By understanding the mechanisms involved in development, progression and metastasis of gynaecological malignancies they are having a positive impact on the unlimited growth, survival and proliferation of cancer cells. See cancer cells under the microscope and be amazed at the incredible work of these leading scientists in the field of reproductive system cancers.

Immersive Technology Experience tour (for you and a friend)

Spend half a day experiencing and learning about all the immersive technologies on campus including augmented reality and virtual reality. See how immersive tech is used in research and teaching.

Exclusive viewing of the University's Natural History Illustration Collection with Dr Prue Sailer (for you and a friend)

Taxidermy, skeletons and insects Oh my! Our natural world is a fascinating place, and there is an impressive collection of unique preserved wildlife on offer in this one of a kind tour. Our world standard Natural History Illustration academics will guide you through fascinating animal facts, the ins and outs of preservation, illustration skills and the global importance of Natural History collections.

Have Lunch with the Vice Chancellor, Alex Zelinsky (you and a friend)

Ever wondered what it takes to lead a complex organisation, build a multimillion dollar company, program robots or be named an Innovation Hero? Here’s your opportunity to ask these and other probing questions. Enjoy a relaxed lunch (for you and a friend) and seek some career advice from our University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Alex Zelinsky AO, who has an extensive track record in leadership and innovation.

Networking Meeting: Assoc. Prof. Robert Parkes - Acting Head of School of Education (you and a friend)

If you have ever wanted to go back to the future or you truly believe that the past, present and future are all connected, well Associate Professor Robert Parkes can help you find the answers you are looking for. Or maybe more questions. Robert specialises in the study of history culture and historical consciousness, and says all forms of history are problematic and need a critical eye. Robert also has black belts in Filipino, Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts and is investigating how these traditions operate as socio-historical practices of self-transformation. If you’ve ever wondered if “the Truth is out there” or if we are all “trapped by our histories” then Robert may be just the person to journey with.

Networking Meeting: Chief People and Culture Officer Martin Sainsbury (you and a friend)

Are you interested in a career in Human Resources or perhaps you would like career advice from the highest HR authority at the University. There is no greater expert than the University of Newcastle's very own Chief People and Culture Officer, Martin Sainsbury who has worked in public and private organisations. Martin has a 25 year career as a human resources professional, including around half of that time in senior management and executive level roles. No matter what your career goals are, you will certainly benefit from a meet and greet with Martin.

Networking Meeting: Prof. Sandy Steacy, natural disaster expert and current Head of School of Environmental and Life Sciences (you and a friend)

Sandy rocks. Earthquakes, tsunamis and geophysical forces are her areas of expertise. She's also an expert on disaster preparedness and forecasting natural disasters.  Learn about what it takes to help protect populations from large scale seismic events and leading teams in the protection of environments and people.

Networking Meeting: Head of School of Humanities and Social Science, Professor Catharine Coleborne (you and a friend)

Professor Catharine Coleborne has been exploring the social and cultural histories of mental illness and the institutions created to confine, treat and assist the mentally ill. Cathy has sought to break down the way we understand and talk about what she calls “mad history”.  You are sure to learn something fascinating about the social and cultural implications of current and historical discourses on mental health in this meet and greet. As a prolific author and educator, you can also chat about  getting published, educational leadership and incorporating mental wellbeing into pedagogical practice.

Networking Meeting: Prof. Brian Kelly, mental health researcher and current Head of School Medicine and Public Health (you and a friend)

Believing that mental illness is not the sole domain of psychiatrists and psychologists but the responsibility of many in the health system, Professor Brian Kelly avows that research will deliver a better response to depression when it is needed most. No matter what your career goals, meeting with Brian is sure to lead you to a greater understanding of yourself and your life choices.

Networking Meeting: Nutritional biochemist, Prof. Lisa Wood - Head of Biomedical Science and Pharmacy (you and a friend)

Turning familiar anecdotes into effective antidotes, Professor Lisa Wood's nutritional biochemistry research is proving there are crucial links in the adage "we are what we eat". Foodies and the health conscious can learn the applications of Lisa's research into foods that harm and foods that heal. Lisa’s is also an advocate of research student training. Get insight into what she looks for when recruiting students into her research team.

Networking Meeting: University Librarian, Coral Black, industry expert in leading 21st Century Library re-design projects (you and a friend)

One for the designers, the organisers, the curators and the information specialists. Coral Black has lead 21st Century Library re-design projects and is an expert in how technology is advancing 'traditional' study spaces. You might also pick up some tips, tricks and contacts to give your research and study a leading edge.

Networking Meeting: Director Infrastructure and Facilities Services, Julie Rich (you and a friend)

Julie has overseen some of the University’s largest and most complex building projects. Her career has also involved being a key player in some of the region’s most important transformational urban renewal projects, the development of public art installations and place making programs. If you are interested in place activation, urban renewal, project management, stakeholder engagement, the construction industry, contract management, budget control, team leadership and more, then a meeting with Julie is not to be missed.

Networking Meeting: Nanomaterial guru and Head of School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Prof. Thomas Nann (you and a friend)

What excites Professor Nann the most about science and his work is the real and positive differences he can make to people’s everyday lives and supporting others to do the same … through the science of nanomaterials. A fantastic opportunity to learn about new innovations in renewable energy, nanomedicine and the commercial applications of nanomaterials.

Networking Meeting: Dean and Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery (you and a friend)

Wanting to know more about Nursing and Midwifery career pathways, or anything else? Then come and meet the Dean of the School who can share her extensive knowledge, plus she has worked in all nursing areas, both as a clinician, educator, manager, researcher and educator in public, private and tertiary settings.  No matter what your career goals are, talking with Amanda will help you clearly navigate how you might get there.  Joining this conversation will also be a key industry partner.

Networking Meeting: 'Design Activist' and Head of School of Built Environment, Prof. SueAnne Ware (you and a friend)

Unafraid to resist the status quo, self described 'Design Activist' Professor SueAnne Ware creates spaces that challenge public apathy and disengagement and inspire the adoption of a more humanitarian approach to some of society’s most controversial and pervasive issues. An exciting meet and greet for anyone who want to work in activist spaces and communities.

Networking Meeting: Head of School of Psychology, Prof. Kristen Pammer (you and a friend)

If you know someone who is dyslexic (or you suffer this yourself) you know how maddening  it is to have difficulty  processing words or numbers - what is basic to others is a real struggle - well meeting Professor Kristen Pammer could be life-changing. Kristen has extensively researched Dyslexia and is passionate about teaching and learning. Kristen is also an expert on road safety and self-drive cars, she is interested in what the future will look like with autonomous vehicles and how people will accept and interact with them.

Networking Meeting: Chief Financial Officer, Paula Johnston (you and a friend)

Paula is the Chief Financial Officer at the University and has had a career of over 21 years in the Big 4 accounting firms EY, KPMG and PWC, as the Director of Financial Services at James Cook University and one year working in Edinburgh at the Royal Bank of Scotland. If you aspire to a career in business services or to become a CFO yourself, Paula may be able to provide some useful tips and insights to set you on the right path.

Networking Meeting: Dean and Head of School of Law, Prof. Tania Sourdin (you and a friend)

Professor Tania Sourdin’s career has spanned the globe as a consultant and specialist expert in a range of complex programs across the justice sector. Interested in using social media in your career? Tania's professional twitter game is on point. Tania’s expansive research interests include digital innovation in the justice sector, the development of justice apps and the use of artificial intelligence in terms in court and judicial decision making.

Networking Meeting: General Counsel, Daniel Bell - Legal Office (you and a friend)

Daniel Bell has had an extensive legal career as a commercial lawyer, working in-house at the University of Newcastle for over 10 years, and externally at national law firms Clayton Utz and Sparke Helmore. Daniel has always achieved excellent outcomes for the University of Newcastle and some of his recent achievements include advising on the planning and construction of NeW Space, the contractual arrangements for the new Central Coast Medical School at Gosford, negotiating a Joint Venture Agreement with the NUW Alliance and advising on various successful disputes in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Networking Meeting: Head of School of Creative Industries Education and Arts, Prof. Paul Eggleston (you and a friend)

With an extensive background in television and digital media production, Professor Paul Eggleston has had an impressive career in the Creative Industries. If you are serious about a creative career, then a meet and greet with Paul is sure to guide and inspire you. Impressive grant and commercial funding coups, disruptive design techniques and a commitment to community justice journalism are just some of the topics you might discuss.

Networking Meeting: See the detonation tube and Hydro Harvester in action with Prof. Behdad Moghtaderi (you and a friend)

Behdad is a global game changer. In this meet and greet, you will be exposed to one of the most innovative minds in the world. You will also receive an exclusive demonstration of the Hydro Harvester, a potential a game-changing innovation for solving the world’s water shortage problem by extracting drinkable water from air at a cost less than five cents per litre. You will also see the Detonation Tube in action; a 30 metre long ventilation air methane (VAM) abatement testing duct that reduces VAM emmissions and could reduce Australia's annual greenhouse output by 3%.

Networking Meeting: Dean of Central Coast Campus, Dr Brok Glenn (you and a friend)

Meet Dr Brok Glenn and find out what it takes to succeed in the higher education sector. Brok is the Dean of the University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus who networks across local, state and federal government agencies over a career spanning more than 35 years.  Brok leads the University's strategic relationships with community, industry and business in the region, and has prime responsibility for the development of the Central Coast Clinical School and Research Institute and is focused on improving the quality of the student and staff experience.

Networking Meeting: Chief Information Officer, Anthony Molinia (you and a friend)

Details to be confirmed

Networking Meeting: Information Services Senior Managers - Meet the IT function leader of your choosing (you and a friend)

Details to be confirmed

12 month membership to The Forum

Your on-campus fitness training could be sorted thanks to NUsport! A 12-month Forum membership is up for grabs, just for making your voice heard on your student experience. You can find The Forum on campus at Callaghan, and at Harbourside (less than 400m from NUspace).

The Shop: $75 giftcard to spend on University of Newcastle merchandise

Two to be won!

Apple Airpods

Valued at $319

JBL T600 BTNC Headphones

Valued at $170

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Valued at $80

Food and retail vouchers

To the on campus provider of your choice

Creative Shoot Experience in the Universities Marketing and Communications Creative Services Team

Are you interested in marketing content production? Join the University's own Marketing and Communications Creative Services Team on this exceptional work experience opportunity, shadowing the team as they produce a diverse array of content from graphic design to photography and video filming and editing. Experience 'a day in the life' working to produce some of the University’s exiting marketing content.

IT Services function work shadowing

Details to be confirmed

IT Services Internship

Details to be confirmed

How does it work?

You can access the SFUN from the app, the student portal or via the email invitation. Only domestic or international onshore students enrolled in a program are eligible to participate.

You will be asked to complete about 50 questions about various aspects of the campus and university experience. You will then be asked to select which prizes you are interested in. All students go in the draw to win a retail voucher to your preferred on-campus provider.

All winners will be contacted by the Student and Staff Insights Team via email.

Is my response confidential?

Yes. All survey responses are kept separate from identifying information.