Teaching and Learning Awards

Awards are an institutional or national acknowledgement of a job well done.

Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards recognises and celebrates outstanding teachers, including early career and sessional teachers and the important role they play in student learning outcomes. Find out more...

DVC(A) Educator Innovation and Impact Awards

The DVC(A) Educator Innovation and Impact Awards recognise discrete, individual innovations or adaptations in learning and teaching that have resulted in improved learning experiences for students.  Find out more ...

Teaching Innovation Investment Scheme

The Teaching innovation investment Scheme (TI2) enables our university teachers to innovate for the benefit of student success.  These investments seed funding for both innovative teaching activities and the creation of learning objects, as well as action research and evaluation into the success of effective teaching initiatives.  Find out more ...

Australian Awards for University Teaching

The Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) program is federally funded, recognising excellence and innovation in learning and teaching.  National applicants are determined by UON selection committee based on institutional recognition.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides:

  • support and advice for staff who have been endorsed to apply for national teaching and learning awards, and
  • assistance with preparing the components of your application.

CTL is available to guide you through the nomination process, ensuring that the procedure is clear and achievable.