The Educator Network Showcase 2019

The Inclusive Class(room):  the Next Generation of Learning

11 July 2019  |  9am - 1:30pm  |   ES204, Callaghan

This tEN Showcase theme is designed to capture a very broad range of experiences and ideas about inclusion in higher education. It is not limited to a specific interpretation of inclusion. We aim to create inclusive and equitable spaces and welcome diversity in our student body – diversity of background and culture, educational attainment, linguistic difference, gender and sexualities, and students with disabilities who attend university – and we are also increasingly exploring new ways to deliver our degrees in new spaces, both physical and virtual. What implications does inclusion and diversity have for our pedagogies and curriculum design? What does it mean for online teaching or physical instruction spaces? How can we adapt our teaching modes and styles to include diverse student cohorts and recognise different experiences, backgrounds and histories? What are the challenges and opportunities for us as educators?  How might we develop pedagogies that are inclusive and open up spaces of connection and belonging, challenging modes of competition between students? How might we create more flexible frameworks that reflect the different contexts of students’ lives?

Many universities have developed strategies to address inclusion and diversity. This theme opens up the possibility of an informed discussion about students and disability, mental health, students who learn at a distance, the concept of the flipped classroom, blended learning, designing higher education for an inclusive class(room) and more. With our commitment to excellence and equity, being aware of and deliberate about the inclusive class(room) is vital as we move into the future. This would address the Learner-Centred focus of the New Education Framework, and especially the Frame 5: Next Generation Learning Environments.


Proposed sessions to include:the Educator Network

  • Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Kathleen Butler, Head of Wollotuka Institute of Indigenous Research and Education
  • What is the Inclusive Class(room)?
  • Pedagogies, Capability and Belonging in Higher Education
  • Digital Insights and Teaching and Learning Outlooks
  • Designing HE Space to be inclusive - STEMM
  • It's about time:  The Invisibility of Temporal Inequalities in Higher Education
  • Models of Best Practice Inclusive Teaching - face to face and online

Attendees will be asked to consider a small mini-task prior to the event, and following the showcase, we will seek your feedback on the ideas discussed in sessions.  A selection of resources designed to support inclusive learning environments and manage classroom incivility will also be made available.

the Educator Network

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