Submit a story for staff

A wide range of stories are communicated to UON staff each week. Stories and messages for staff are considered against different criteria. Before submitting your story, take some time to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the story relate to the work and role of the University?
  • Is it relevant to a large number of staff?
  • Is there a brief and meaningful heading for the story?
  • Has the story been approved for submission?
  • Are you able to provide contact details/link for further information?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any images or videos you submit must either be approved for use by the University or you must have a signed image consent and release form


Please provide details of your story, including:

  • project name
  • key dates (promotion, event, rsvp etc)
  • event details (location, time, registration etc)
  • contact name
  • URL for more information
  • imagery and/or artwork
  • channels for promotion (In the Loop, screen saver, digital signage)

Submissions can be made to

Useful links

In the Loop schedule 2016-17

Screen saver templates (Marketing Resource Centre)