Staff communications

At the University of Newcastle, we want our people to be connected, engaged and informed. We also want our people to have a voice. At the University of Newcastle we offer a range of managed channels to support effective communication with our workforce.

For all enquiries relating to staff communications, contact the Corporate Affairs team in Marketing & Communications. You can email us at

If your story relates to current students, read more about student engagement.

Choosing the most effective channel

In the busy and information rich environment that is our University, it is important to give thought to the best channel for communicating with colleagues.

The Loop (SharePoint)

Launched in February 2019, The Loop is our primary staff communication channel. The SharePoint site is updated regularly and a weekly bulletin email is sent to all staff, prompting them to visit the site. Staff can also access the site via links on the Current Staff Landing Page and in SharePoint itself.

Stories that appear on The Loop must:

  • be of broad interest to staff
  • be forward looking or celebratory (if the subject or event is in the past)
  • align to our overall vision and values
  • celebrate our people and generate pride

Submissions are made via a page on the site itself. Using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, use this link to make a submission.

The Loop editors will review all submissions for their suitability.

News and events on web

News and events can be tagged for multiple (internal and external) audiences in the website. News and events that are tagged for Current Staff will pull through to numerous pages across the staff facing section of the website.

News and events posted in the website can be shared via The Loop as well.

News and events require an image that is 1500 x 1500 px or 600 x 600 px.

Contact for support with news and events.

Screen savers

Screen savers on staff computers across the organisation are an effective way to raise awareness. They should be visually appealing and contain minimum text.

Screen savers are image files (jpg) that are 1650 x 1080px. Please send to


Yammer is part of the Office 365 suite of apps so is freely available to all staff. It is not used in a formal capacity by the Corporate Affairs team but might be useful place for you to share your information.

Current Staff landing page


The feature carousel can be used to highlight important opportunities and news. The limited space is tightly managed and coordinated. Requests can be sent to for consideration.

Staff updates

Important and concise information can be added to a Staff Updates widget on the Current Staff landing page. Contact to enquire about this option.


In some instances, your initiative or project will require a communications plan. By undertaking some planning, you will clarify your purpose and objectives. Download a communications template (DOC, 40KB).

In your area

Faculties and Divisions have their own communication channels and engagement activities. Contact your Faculty Associate Director or Division Executive Officer for more information about how to receive and share information in your local area.